Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White Wednesday

Good Morning Friends. I know it is the day before Thanksgiving and I should be concentrating on brining my turkey and all that, but I am taking a moment to participate in White Wednesday. No I haven't got any of my trees up, yet. That starts tomorrow night, but I did pull out some photos of one of my favorite trees, my "Wedding Tree". The tree started off years ago as a way to use all my white/silver ornaments. I had simply referred to it as the Ivory Tree. When a friend's daughter first saw the tree she exclaimed "Oh how pretty....a Wedding Tree" So the name stayed.
I have ivory silk roses, babies breath, vintage strands of light silver tinsel, a pair of vintage ivory gloves and my daughter's very first pair of shoes (white of course) amongst all the vintage ornaments from my youth. I especially love the German pieces with their mellowed patina only achieved by age.

The tree also showcases my collection of wedding cake toppers. Unfortunately these pictures do not do that collection justice. I promise to have new photos to share for next Wednesday. One of my favorite ornaments, again like my daughter's shoes, isn't really an ornament. It is a small silver frame holding a picture of my mom as a 1950's bride. As I share with you my other trees this holiday season, you will see that most of my ornaments are simply cherished items that hold a memory and not a store bought bauble. That is what Christmas should represent.

A big thank you to our hostess, Kathleen at for hosting White Wednesday.

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