Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vintage Monday

My first vintage Monday....I am so excited. First of all thanks to our hostess Joan at Anything Goes Here. I can't wait to see the other posts. Hope that you like my pics. These are from my 1960's Tree. Every ornament would have been on someone's tree in the 1960's. This tree first made its appappearance a few years ago. I had found two dozen vintage ornaments at a Christmas church fair for only a dime apiece. They became my inspiration for a new themed tree. They were plastic with bright pieces of felt and rather garish. I loved them. Additional ornaments to the tree came from a friend that was cleaning out her grandmother's house. I came home one day from work and found a box on my steps along with a note that said "I found these ornaments at my Nana's. They were bright, bold and I thought of you!!" Thanks. (I think) They did make a perfect addition. Most of the plastic/felt ornaments say Made in Japan.If you will notice, the painted eyes on the elf quartet are a little scary looking but that is what makes them so fun. I have over 4 dozen of the "peek in" , my unofficial title for them, ornaments like the blue ornament with the nativity scene. Of course the tree needed the large C-9 light bulbs. Those had to be the new reproduction ones that were UL approved. It also goes without saying that my 1960's tree is a tinsel tree, silver, of course. I think my ornaments are fun and I am glad to share them with you. Next Monday will be my ornaments from Germany ..... that are a good 50 years older than today's post. See you all next week. (My favorites are the two poodle ornaments and the red felt angel with the wax face standing next to the Christmas stocking. The sticker on the back of the stocking says Krees fifteen cents.)


Unknown said...

This is so much fun! Love your 60's stuff. We had a silver tree with the colored wheel going around in different colors. I sure wish I had that. I haven't posted yet because me battery went dead, so please check back in a little while.
Happy VCM to ya!

anythinggoeshere said...

A very fun post. Love the garish colors and tacky feel. So retro and so hip. Thanks for sharing them with us! Happy Vintage Christmas Monday. xo Joan

Julie Marie said...

Oh your little felt elves are my favorite, and Made in Japan, how wonderful they are from 1941 or prior! Love to you... Bisous... Julie Marie PS Can't wait to see more next Monday!!!

One Gal's Trash said...

Garish is my favorite word in the English language. Fabulous stuff! Happy VCM!

LBP said...

Oh how I love your elves and pixies!!! Love your vintage tree! How fun.



★Carol★ said...

I love everything that you showed! I love the 60s ornaments, the elves, and especially the ceramic figurines! Love that old stocking too. And your tree is gorgeous!
Happy VCM!

Laura said...

What an amazing tree.
I enjoyed visiting so much-
I love all of your vintage finds.


Judi said...

Hey I'm all for tacky, gaudy, bright, colorful retro at Christmas too, so needless to say I love all of your goodies. My fav is probably the sleigh and reinder! Thanks for sharing. Judi

Blondie's Journal said...

Your ornaments are precious!! I was born in the 60's and remember the little elves the most!! They were popular, weren't they? What a neat idea to devote a whole tree to 60's vintage ornaments! I'd love to see it in person!

Look forward yo your post next week! :-)


Rebecca said...

Hello Sherri
Thanks for stopping by!
Those little elves are so cute, my husband has a bunch from his childhood and loves to put them around the family room at Christmas. I find them all over--he says they are watching for Santa to make sure we are good little girls and boys...those elves need blind folds :)

Gypsy Fish said...

Great collection of little elves...I love the old felt ones the most!
Happy VCM!
{{gypsy hugs}}

the old white house said...

Hello Sheri~ I love all of those "tacky" ornaments but that came back to me only a few years ago. I'm sure as I get older it's the nostalgia of Christmas past that I love to recreate. I bought c9 bulbs a couple of years ago and after only having clear bulbs on for many years when we plugged in the colored bulbs my children made an audible gasp at how pretty they thought they were, those gasps took me back to my childhood Christmas' and the magic that they held. I loved your post and your tackiness! ~ Theresa

Georgia Peachez said...

That is a lot of wonderful vintage stuff! Love it! xo, suzy

thasnifty said...

oh your elves are adorable, though their eyes do remind me a little of the black out eyes from the show True Blood lol. They are precious. Is your tinsel tree vintage too? Thanks for coming to visit my lil blog. Merry Christmas!