Sunday, November 29, 2009

My retro kitchen

Hope that everyone had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day. Thought I would do a little non-Christmas related blog. (Because from now until the 25
th, my blogs will be Christmas!) As some of you might have noticed I changed the look of my site. I think this one better reflects my style.....girly girlish while still being retro. Speaking of "retro", I thought I would take you on a tour of my kitchen. The red chair and the blue stool were fabulous lawn sale finds a couple of years ago for only $2.00 a piece! The curtains on the lower middle windows are made from a vintage tablecloth cut in half. The top curtains are made from 2 dish towels, again cut in half. To cover up underneath the metal cart, I used a small square vintage tablecloth. I had found the vintage red frames a while ago and knew what I wanted to frame. I went on ebay and found an old menu that had the exact blue and red of my kitchen colors. I kept the original and framed color prints. I didn't want to cut the menu in half. The large red fork and spoon are definitely kitschy and you either hate them or love them. I love them! The rest of my 1853 home has a different look and feel from the kitchen.......but this is where I cook and live. Come join me for a cup of tea.

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Diane and Kelly said...

I love the red and turquois color combo. That Old Spain print is to die for. What fun!

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