Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dumpster Diving

You know how your heart skips a beat when you think you have spied a treasure peeking out of a pile of trash.....today I thought I had a "tah dah" moment when I saw an old wooden chair rising out of a dumpster. Of course I climbed up to retrieve it.....yes while wearing high heels, I was coming back from a meeting in Portland. Anyway, the chair turned out to be a wreck, even for an imaginative junker as myself. Now there is a lot you can do with even a broken chair a la the French Charming Blog (Nov 12th), but alas, this chair was just too far gone. It reminded me though of a story. A few years ago, my friend and I were off to the high school to pick up our daughters from a band trip. Across the street from the school was a house being gutted with a really large dumpster on the front lawn. Of course we had to walk over and take a peek. My friend spied it first....a fabulous wooden crate with a beautiful painted on design.......in great shape!! Now, my friend was no stranger to dumpster diving; however, the thought of her 16 year old daughter and 80 of her classmates soon to be driving by worried her........her daughter would have been mortified!!!! I on the other hand had no worries. I climbed in and got the box. Had the buses come by and saw me.....if any of the students would have asked my daughter "Isn't that your mother?"....Elizabeth just would have shrugged and replied "It's what she does!" That's my girl.