Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wait till you see my table!

It all started with one Goodwill find this summer, an amber glass and sterling silver cake pedestal. That became the start of what will be my Thanksgiving tablescape. Then I found votive candle holders, glasses, large bowls and salt and pepper shakers....all amber glass and all for pennies. You've got to love church rummage sales! I have already posted some of those finds. Yesterday, I stopped at Hannaford Grocery Store just as they were putting out a display of 75% off sale items. For only a quarter a piece....I got this silverware with the amber "plastic" handles....but the look of glass is there. Also on sale were these gold dishtowels for only $.35 cents each, so I got a dozen to use as extra large dinner napkins for my Thanksgiving dinner. I totally scored. When I went back to the store just a few hours later, the display was emptied. Later last night, I was relaxing with a copy of the new Better Homes & Gardens mag and I see a large advertisement for Wal-mart showcasing a table done in "Amber" glass. Who knew that my table will be such a trend setter.....I'm that good. Oh by the way, the set of 3 candle holders were from Christmas Tree shop on sale all three for only a dollar. Now that I have the bones of my tablescape in place, guess I had better start thinking about the menu.


Kelly said...

Hi Sherrie -

I was just at the Salvation Army store in Raymond...thought of you and your posts about Amber glass. They have a set of great amber glass plates/coffee cups...the plates have a "built in" space for the cups to sit in. Very cool...they were there as of 9:30am! Let me know if you need more info or hop in the car and head out there!!

Sherrie said...

Thanks. I didn't realize that Raymond had a Salvation Army. I will have to check it out. Do you have your own blog?