Friday, November 13, 2009

Parting with your treasures

I spent some time this morning rummaging around other "junk" related blogs....a lot of them are from shop owners of some really cool antique/junk-to-treasure/vintage shops. As I was browsing through their photos, I was drooling. There was so much that I loved and if I only had the money, would purchase. I have a question for them.....How can they part with these treasures? I know it is a business. But it must still be hard. Every summer I have a lawn sale. My sales, I must say, are highly anticipated by my "regular" customers. I have unique signs that I use every year, that people instantly recognize as being mine and are at my doorstep at 6:30 a.m. on the day of the sale. (More on my lawn sales for a later post) My sales don't have Tupperware or children's' outgrown toys, but rather feature McCoy, Weller, Roseville, etc., and a lot of quirky finds from a stuffed pheasant, a lamp made from deer hooves with a mica lampshade, and wooden coat hangers from an old prison, branded with the prison name. Yes, I make a lot of money, clean out a lot of my collections to make room for new ones.......but it seems after every sale.....I find a use for something that I haven't used or needed for the past five years that I just SOLD!!! This year I had 2 sales. With the economy being what it is, and me having to pay my daughter's college tuition and my property tax bill.....I was ruthless in pulling out pieces that I knew would sell. As I am starting to get ready for the holidays...I go to grab a wooden bowl to display pine cones, only to remember that I sold it. It is sad to let treasures go....but I will remain hopeful that there are always new treasures waiting to be found.

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good luck with you lawnsales, blogging and from one goodwill lover to another...all those crazy boxes at
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