Monday, December 21, 2009

White to Black: A new Christmas Tree

Okay since I posted a serious Vintage Christmas Post, I thought I would do a second post today of another tree. Here is my Hallway Tree. I love to decorate, especially for the holidays. Every year I always think that I will try something new but I love how the old way already looks. So I tweak things, adding maybe just a new piece here or there .... I ask myself, why tamper with perfection. BUT THIS IS THE YEAR OF CHANGE! With the family room having had a complete makeover (see earlier post) and the addition of new furniture in the front hallway has given me the inspiration and courage to try something new. I thought I would post last year's photos( They are posted at the end because I forgot to bring over the photos in reverse order.) along with the new photos, and you can be the judge.

Today I'm showing my front hallway. My Eastlake hutch got moved from hallway to family room and replaced with a large 9 drawer pine dresser. This piece was hand built by my Dad's cousin and when he moved this summer to a smaller home, the dresser became mine. I immediately painted it black and switched out the wooden knobs for metal. It is a low piece that for as long as it is, fits perfectly under my hallway stairs and makes a great place for my collection of linens, salt and pepper shakers and silverware collections. A hall table was replaced with a small deacon's bench, also painted black. (My parents got this bench in the 60's using S & H Green Stamps.) With the introduction of all this black, my Christmas White theme needed to change. You guessed it .... all to Black. So first this year's photos followed by last year's. Please let me know what you think

My dad's silver reindeer adorn the candlesticks and floral arrangement and are flanked by the mercury glass pieces. I have used red as my pop of color.

This pine dresser is perfect for holding my collection of linens and silverware.

This is a metal basket, black of course, given to me by a friend. I have it filled with fresh greens and red flowers.

This is the deacon's bench that my parents got through S&H green stamps. Remember those? Of course I have presents wrapped in coordinating black, silver and red. The boxes are actually empty.

pine cone wreath on the mirror has been every color. It is now Black. My family just humors me when they see me go out into the garage with object in one hand, and a can of spray paint in the other.
Not the best shot of the tree. It is black with red and silver ornaments.

Now the next pictures are of last year's Christmas with an all-white theme. I used white tulle with lights along the stairway railing.

This is my Wedding Tree. Everything is white. I have had this tree for years, long before White Wednesday.

I love these two gigantic ornaments hanging on either side of the door. My friend found them. Because of their large scale, perhaps they had once been used as a store display.

As always thanks for letting me share and thank you for all your kind comments. We still have a few more trees to go. Maybe I can finally get the photos done in day light and turn off the flash. Hey, I'm still new at this. Be sure to visit my earlier VCM post for today and all the other VCM participants. Thanks Joan at anythinggoeshere for a wonderful time in blog land.


Judi said...

Your home is so very lovely and I love those ornaments you have at the entry! It is obvious the attention to detail you have in your decorating and I am sure it was quite a bit of work and so worth it! Thanks for sharing. Judi

kjkljk;ljljgjgfuyhd said...

Hi Sherri!
Your home is beautiful and I love this post!
Even though I am partial to white decor,
the red, black and white theme is exciting~
I've never seen a black Christmas tree...or
even a red feather one but they're amazing!
Keep on rockin'

Jane said...

I love your decorations! I am partial to this year's black, silver and red just is my kind of decorating. You have a real talent for decorating which was evident in this year's theme and last year's white theme.
Happy Holidays!!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I just love your bench from S&H...yes I do remember them...what great memories! Merry Christmas!


Julie Marie said...

Oooh these photos are all so very pretty too! Yes, I so remember S&H green stamps, infact I still have a partially filled book of them! Growing up I remember how excited my mama would get to go the the S&H store and pick out something fun! Your trees are all so pretty and I love the Santa in the chair... Bisous... Julie Marie