Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Peacock Tree

Okay, don't laugh..... this is an addendum to my post, that I already posted today. I didn't like my photos so I quickly added these, this time without the flash. Of course when you add photos, they go to the top of the post and I really couldn't figure out how to quickly rearrange them. So here are all the photos of my Peacock Tree.

This is the original post.
Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men. It is just a few days before Christmas and the house is surprisingly peaceful. The trees are up and the house is decorated, although I still find myself tweaking things here and there, and remembering to take a picture so I can be reminded next year of what I did. The packages are wrapped. I only have a few more little things to do like making the gift tags. I found some terrific images at the Graphics Fairy that I will be using for customized tags (Which are turning out so nice, they could be used as ornaments. I will show you when I finish them.) As promised for today, I want to show you another one of my trees. It is the Peacock Tree and it is in the Front Parlor. The mantle decoration above sets the tone for the room with its chartreuse green flowers and copper accents. Those colors are carried over to this tree.

This is the tree topper, a green bow and gold peacock (you gotta love spray paint!)

I wanted to showcase the colors of the feathers. So you will see different shades of blue, green, copper and gold.

I have gold peacocks and these little copper birds with their tuft of feathers.

I have actual natural elements including twigs and pine cones along with natural looking elements of artichokes and grapes. I found this green and gold ribbon with a rustic feel at Goodwill for $.99 cents and I cut it lengthwise to have enough to go around the tree.

This next photo is off the tree, it does not do it justice. Partly because of my camera, partly because of the lighting, and partly because of me as the photographer. During the daytime, the tree has an iridescent glow. It is perhaps more of a floral arrangement than a tree. I do like how it came out, but it is a tree that is best seen in person to see all the detail that I couldn't get on film.

If by chance you are visiting my post today for wrapping up Vintage Christmas Monday, that post is dated the 20th. Please enjoy that one as well as the one in between of my Hallway Tree. Merry Christmas to all who visit and please let me know, should I keep this tree or is it a one season showing? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherrie,
Thank you for your comment! Yes, I started in October this year. Isn't it fun to be a blogger!? How did you find me? Probably through Joan from Anything goes here? I love your pictures and tomorrow I'll try to read some of your older posts.
Hope to see you back!

thasnifty said...

I love your peacock tree it is absolutely everything that Christmas should be. So many colors of the season and ofcourse endless sparkle. I am a tad green with envy! Merry Christmas!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Sherrie, and thank you so very much for your heartfelt comments on my post today... they meant so very much to me... I love this little tree you have shown,and would put it out every single year.. I am such a Nature lover and all of your little birds and touches of Nature are precious... Love to you... I am off to read your other posts now... Bisous... Julie Marie

Janean said...

Sherrie, we are kindred spirits! i even have artichokes on my tree!!!! i couldn't believe it when i saw this. birds? yep. real pinecones. yes. though i didn't put peacock feathers on mine this year, i have a bouquet of them packed in one of my Christmas boxes....had 'em for over 20 years, in fact. adore your tree!