Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Music Room Tree

You have seen the 1960's Tree in the Family Room, the Victorian Tree in the Dining Room, this is the Music Room Tree. This little room is off the Dining Room and is separated by a large archway with the Front Parlor. We have our piano, my daughter's saxophone, and 4 guitars. The portrait that you see behind the tree is of Judge Waterman. It was his family that built my home in 1853 and he was born there in 1863. In fact in this very room. It had been used as a birthing room and it was also used for viewing the dead. If only these walls could talk!!!!

The small framed picture is of Mr. Waterman, the dad and builder of my house. As you can see, all the ornaments are musically-themed. Being as we are such a musical family in both instrument and voice, we receive a lot of these ornaments as gifts from friends.

This is a picture looking through the archway into the Front Parlor to the 9 foot family tree. I have fruit laden garlands on either side of this archway.

I wish that we could play you a Christmas Carol ...... so just imagine we are singing "Deck the Halls."

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Shara said...

Oh my, your house is lovely! I did enjoy the story about your cat - but not how it turned out of course! Usually, my cats enjoy the tree...but Mr. Flub decided to be naughty. Coal for him, I say! Thanks for visiting my blog! Shara