Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve and the trees are decorated.

It is Christmas Eve. The packages are wrapped. The luminaries are ready to be set outside along our walk and driveway. As is our family tradition, we will be going out for Chinese food for supper, reminiscent of the scene from "The Christmas Story". Before returning back home, we will visit some of our favorite neighborhoods for their light displays, again a yearly Christmas Eve tradition. It was on one of those trips, years ago, that we saw Santa. My daughter Elizabeth was three and had been in her carseat enjoying the bright displays of colors and decorations when all of a sudden she yelled out "Santa, Santa, Santa!!!" Sure enough, there was Santa before us, walking down the street, no reindeer in sight. We carefully pulled up alongside him, rolled down the window and asked Santa if he could say hello to our daughter. Of course, he would be delighted, was his reply. He leaned forward into the car and asked Elizabeth if she had been a good girl. She enthusiastically nodded yes! With a Ho, Ho, Ho, and a hearty laugh, he wished her Merry Christmas, and with a blink of an eye, he left to begin his night's travels. You have never seen a happier child than my daughter was at that moment. That had been the first year she wasn't afraid of the big jolly old elf. All was right with the world. Unfortunately, dear old Santa smelled of Whiskey. It was a good thing he was walking, probably not safe to drive a team of reindeer, even with Rudolph's help. But through the innocent eyes of childhood, it was a magical moment. Of course, we still laugh about it.

This is Elizabeth and Santa at Daycare, age three.

Well since it is Christmas Eve, I thought I would recap all of my trees, plus show a few from past years. As I have mentioned before, I used to host an annual open house for a 100 or more. My guests would look forward to what new themed tree would be introduced. A few years ago, the local paper, The Portland Press Herald, did a two page article on my party and trees. The article began, "Sherrie could give Martha Stewart a run for her money." I never get tired of reading that. With the economy being what it is, and my putting a daughter through college, this year's party was just a few close friends, and only 5 trees and not 12. Before Christmas Day arrives and the season winds down, here is a final recap of trees, this year and past years. I hope that you enjoy them.

The article:
The Dart Room Tree: It has a southwestern theme. I spray painted plastic cowboy and horse figurines gold and copper, and hung them on the tree. My daughter and I made "God's Eyes" as ornaments and the tree is lit with chili pepper lights.

This is a tree from last year, The State of Maine tree. Naturally, it has a flocked seagull as its topper. There are lobsters, Santas in Sardine cans, blueberries, boats, bears and fish. I used actual seashells, pheasant feathers, and deer antlers as decorations. The kids loved the tree.

This is the Wedding Tree, posted earlier. Everything on the tree is white or silver. My daughter's first pair of baby shoes serve as an ornament along with a photo of my mother as a 1950's bride.

This is my 1960's Tree which I also posted earlier. I called it the 1960's tree as that was the year I was born and all these ornaments actually could have been on my first Christmas Tree. After participating in Joan's Vintage Christmas Monday, I learned that most of my ornaments are from the 40's. It is a tinsel tree of course. Notice my cat lurking under the tree. What is it with cats and trees?

The Hallway Tree, a new Black and Red theme.

My favorite tree, my Pink Victorian Tree. It has flowers, feathers, fruit, tulle and vintage ornaments, all pink.

The 2009 introduction of the Peacock Tree. With natural decorations and an iridescent glow.

Also in the dining room are the Rose and Cherub Tree and the smaller Tea for Two Tree. The latter tree has miniature cups, saucers and tea pots for decorations. I spray painted spoons with gold paint and hot glued ribbon and little roses on them. I use them as the icicles on the tree.

This white tree is the Bathroom Tree. I am not kidding. Years ago my husband saw a segment on HGTV about making ornaments from toilet paper tubes. He has made 100's of them as gifts and package toppers.

They really are quite pretty.

This is the Americana Tree, a past tree. In this picture it is sitting where the 1960's tree now stands. Notice that this is the old paint and wallpaper of the Family room that is now all beige and cream. (Family room redo is an earlier post). Everything on the tree is hand-made only by friends, bought at craft fairs or made by myself. The bow at the top of the tree is made out of brown craft paper.

This is the 9 foot main Christmas Tree. It sits under the arch that separates the Front Parlor from the Music Room. It has over 500 ornaments.

The Music Room tree with all musically themed ornaments.

The one tree that I do not have a photo for, is our Super Hero tree. My husband has a collection of vintage comics and has collected Super Hero
memorabilia over the years, enough so to create this tree. After 9/11, we added soldiers, policemen and firemen figurines, as the words Super Hero took on a new meaning.

Thank you for letting me share. It is as if I had had my open house, and you all have come to share a Christmas toast with me. Thank you. Your comments have been like little Christmas packages, all tied up with a bow. Merry Christmas friends. Wishing you a joyous, happy and healthy New Year.


Julie Marie said...

Oh Sherrie... your trees are so beautiful, and I love that you have added soldiers, policemen and firemen to your super heros tree... I will show this post to Jack, he is a retired police officer... how priceless that you honor them all...there truly are so many "super heroes" in the world...and yes, I do believe you could give Martha a run for her money... infact, I don't think she could ever catch up with you... your Santa story is precious... I believe Santa deserved a little shot of whiskey after all he does! So happy we met through Joan's party... love to you... and a very Merry Christmas... Bisous... Julie Marie

Rebecca said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family - wishing you the blessings that this season brings and a new year filled with love and laughter