Monday, December 7, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday - Makes you look forward to Monday

We finally had snow up here in Maine. Several inches fell on Saturday. Certainly put me in the mood to set up a few trees and to take some pictures for Vintage Christmas Monday. It has been fun setting up my ornaments for their photo opportunity .... it has given me a chance to record these treasures for my daughter. So thanks to Joan at anythinggoeshere.

Last week I shared my 1960's tree but forgot a couple of the pictures. So here they are:

Hanging as orn
aments on the tree, are photos from my family Christmases in the 1960's. This photo shows me with my Barbie Doll that Santa brought me in 1964. Yes I am the adorable blond on the far right holding my naked Barbie Doll (side view). I remember that I was trying to quickly dress her for the picture; however, mom was giving me that look that says "Now". It wasn't until sometime in July when she had had the roll of film finally developed that she saw how the photo came out. Dad and I couldn't understand why she was so upset .... needless to say, we didn't have a family photo Christmas card that year. Underneath the tree sits childhood games and stories, Frosty and Rudolph, along with my Barbie ..... dressed this time.

The MUSIC is ready to play on the record player: Firestone presents Favorite Christmas Music with Julie Andrews (1965).

The ORNAMENTS are hung.The Peanuts ornaments are from 1965 and the Raggedy Ann is 1973.

Now it is time for FOOD. I found this cookbook this weekend at a Church fair. It is titled "The Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking" 1953. I purchased it because the color of the book matches my set of dishes and looks great sitting on the shelf with the plates. Added bonus ...... the recipes are delightful!!! There is a large chapter on game that goes beyond venison, duck or even rabbit. This book includes recipes for Raccoon Pie, Squirrel Fricassee, Woodchuck Pot Pie and Turtle Soup made with real Turtle. Apparently, as the book states, "The main reason for the non-use of turtles for food is lack of knowledge of how to dress them." A diagram is included on how to dress a turtle ....... not the same way to dress a Barbie I might add. Sorry for the blurry photo of the book. I did check out its recipe for a Christmas Luncheon, and thankfully, no Raccoon or Squirrel on the menu.

As promised last Monday, here are some of my special ornaments. Many have paint worn away by time. I wouldn't trade these for any new ornaments. The fact that they exist today, after decades of use, by my family (see earlier post of tree + little oh so cute kitten = smashed ornaments) and my Dad's family and even his Dad's family, makes them priceless!! Thank you for visiting. Please be sure to see all the other participants' treasures for Vintage Christmas Monday. I already have something special for you planned for next week. See you then.


Julie Marie said...

How beautiful everything is! And as always, my favorite part of these posts are the wonderful family memories that go with them, thanks for sharing! Bisous... Julie Marie

stefanie said...

why do we like the vintage ornements soo much? maybe because they are gorgeous!!!! thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway,,,good luck

Yarni Gras! said...

wonderful ornaments! thank you for sharing your collection!

Judi said...

I have same LP! Don't ya love that is was put out by Firestone! And I see that Lefton Candy Cane Sleigh and Reindeer!! Thanks for the smile :) Judi

LBP said...

Your collection is wonderful! I love the old decorations best. Too funny about your naked Barbie!!! And I have that very same album. I bought about 10 albums at a yard sale a couple of years ago, all Christmas. Perry Como, Andy Williams, etc..



Unknown said...

Oh My Gosh!!! My folks has that Firestone album!!!! I haven't seen that for years! Thanks for the memory!

Diane and Kelly said...

What a treasure those old holiday decorations are. I wish I more of those things from my childhood. We moved alot when I was growing up so I have just a few photos, but no ornaments or decorations. That's probably why I love thrifting so I can recapture some of those memories.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Love the photo of you with Barbie, even if she is minus the clothes! So funny and was there anything better than getting a Barbie for Christmas?

Your vintage ornaments are gorgeous and I remember that album as well.

What a great cookbook, sounds like some interesting recipes, some of which I may never try...somehow Raccoon Pie does not sound at all appetizing to me!

Thank you sweet friend for your lovely comment, you put into to words so beautifully exactly how I feel!

I adore you!!

Love and tight hugs,

anythinggoeshere said...

I will be looking you up if I ever need to cook a turtle. Lovely ornaments this week. Love how they all look! xo Joan, your hostess

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Lovin your blog...going to follow along with you. I'm a child of the 60's and your post brings back lots of great memories...thanks soooo much for sharing and I hope you have a FUN week!


Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Even though I'm practically a YEAR late, here I am posting a comment on this WONDERFUL POST! I LOVED it and it's MEMORIES because I'm from that time too(1954 here)and I remember all those things and your stories made me laugh and smile(Hugs for that)... My Mom is from northern Maine(Caribou)... Hugs to you, Donna