Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Blogging is Teaching Me

Please note that I am using the present tense and not "What Blogging has taught me." This will be an ongoing process. Thank goodness for free online help for layouts and backgrounds, especially Shabbyblogs.com and the Graphics Fairy. At least my site has a somewhat professional appearance although I am still trying to put together a customized and therefore more personal banner and of course there will be other changes as my knowledge and talent for "artful blogging" increases. I am so grateful to my followers especially those first special few that decided to take a chance on my blog, hopefully recognizing a potential diamond in the rough, in my postings of random thoughts, and family memories. It is this support and encouragement that have helped to nurture my blog. Thank you.

So before we turn the last calendar page of 2009 into 2010, I thought I would share a brief recap of what I have gained, to date, from my blogging friends.

1. A big thank you to Tiff at Folded Gingham who first introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging. A chance conversation one Friday afternoon at the Goodwill store (where else) led me to visit her site. As a side note, maybe that is what I should have titled my Blog .... "A Conversation at Goodwill", it does have a certain ring to it, like "Breakfast at Tiffany's." I found her site to be friendly and charming and I was so jealous of all her found trash to treasures. I thought I was good at rescuing trash. From her site, I visited the sites that she follows as well as the sites of her followers, and so on, and so on. I admit it .... I became addicted. I was almost giddy as I read the postings of these kindred souls .... their words could have easily been written by me. That night, I created my own blog and have ever since felt liberated in my ability to write, to share, to entertain, to post.

2. One of the first sites I started to follow was Gina's at The Shabby Chic Cottage. Her tutorials are clear with easy to follow instructions. Although I didn't have time this year, for Christmas 2010, I will be creating her "Tutu Christmas Tree Skirt". How cute was that!! It will be perfect for my oh so very feminine Victorian Christmas Tree, with an all pink theme, embellished with feathers, fruits, flowers and yards of tulle. Just what it needs. Thank you Gina for showing me how.

3. I just finished participating in the Vintage Christmas Monday Blog Party, that was hosted by Joan at Anything Goes Here. It was a pleasure to meet so many nice participants at this party. Honestly, I was amazed at the ornaments, decorations and figurines being shown that could have come from my own attic. It just shows that first of all, the love of all things vintage is universal and secondly as my own childhood memories mirror those of others, it seems to make the world a smaller and friendlier place. It is no wonder that the movie "The Christmas Story a.k.a You'll shoot your eye out" is so popular. Even though that Christmas took place in the 40's, it was not so dissimilar to the Christmas times of the 50's and 60's which all hearken back to a simpler and more innocent time. Being able to share these memories through our blogs, is like having a hot bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich on a cold winter's afternoon, it is comfort food ........ for the soul.

4. It was through these Monday posts I learned from Judi at Vintage Hope Chest that my candy cane sleigh (purchased at Goodwill for $.99 cents a week earlier) was a Lefton piece. I did not know. I am almost embarrassed to admit this one (but hey, I am sharing today) that I did not know the names of my garish, oh so bright, scary wide eyed and knee clutching little elves were officially called Knee Huggers. It was also reading these posts that I discovered a new collectible, Holt Howard pieces. I am smitten by them and will now be on a vigilant watch for them. (What are the chances of finding any at Goodwill ....... it could happen.) But perhaps the best thing I found through VCM was a new phrase. It came from Suzy at Georgia Peachez and it is "Merry Kitschmas". I have already commented to her that I am shamelessly going to use this phrase next Christmas season, in fact I think I will turn it into a Christmas banner. How clever is that? Her phrase that is, and not my banner idea.

5. Lastly, I must acknowledge Susan at Between Naps on the Front Porch (who has a beautifully designed site) for providing a tutorial post titled "Blogging Secrets". I have it bookmarked on my computer for easy reference. It is obvious that a great deal of time and detail went into preparing this post. Dear Susan, just to let you know, it was greatly appreciated.

So who knows, maybe I will finally become proficient in my camera shots (remember natural light and no flash, easier said than done when you are taking pictures late at night), and I will be better at remembering to do the before shots for the greatest WOW factor when revealing the after shots. My blogging resolutions for 2010 will be: To entertain, To educate, To share, To make you laugh, To make you cry, To make you reflect, To make you stop by for another day and another post. Thank you for joining me on this fabulous and fun journey. Please buckle up, the ride has begun.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sherrie... I think you have done a wonderful job on your blog! Your Vintage Christmas Monday posts were especially fun! I too love Holt Howard, and YES, you CAN find pieces at the thrift shops, not too many people know what they are (at least the kind who give them to thrift shops!) You will fall in love with all of the Holt Howard pieces... check out the Pixies! I am anxious to see your upcoming posts for the new year... Bisous... Julie Marie

Kelly Ballard said...

Hi Sherrie,
As always, your candor and humor are what I enjoy about reading your posts. If you had told me a year ago, I would start a blog and become a "Blog Addict" I would not have believed you. I have so enjoyed my blogging adventure thus far and look forward to many posts to come. It can be a very therapeutic outlet and educational as you've mentioned. Vintage Christmas Monday was my first blog party and now I am hooked!

Have a great New Year!
Second Hand Chicks

Tiff said...

Thank you for the kind words Sherrie and I'm so glad you love blogging as much as I do. We are going to have to go on some yard sale field trips come summer, it's always more fun to go with friends, especially friends who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Thank you so much for the mention of Vintage Christmas Mondays! So many unexpected things do come out of participating in blog parties.

Love your post and you are certainly on your way in the the fun and wild world of blogging. xo Joan

Judi said...

Sherrie you are being much too hard on yourself! Your blog looks fabulous, you have such a sense of humor and so what if you didn't know Lefton from Holt Howard or Napco (thought I'd throw another in there LOL!) We all learn new things and you should not feel badly about that!! I look forward to the ride and getting to read more about your finds and I think A Converstion at Goodwill would have been a great blog title!!!! Happy New Year ~ Judi

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Hi Sherrie, what a nice post. I can't take credit for the phrase "merry kitschmas", I've heard it around in many places. But it certainly is worth repeating! Your blog is just adorable so I will check back in soon. Happy New Year!! xo, suzy

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Sherrie, Yep, blogging is soooo addictive...but in a good way. ;-) What did we do before we had so many blogs to visit and inspire us...I've learned soooo much this last year! It was fun hearing how you first discovered Blogland...we never forget that day, do we? Thanks so much for the sweet reference to BNOTP! :-) I hope 2010 is everything you hope for and more!

KarenSue said...

I hope you read old posts. You have listed just how I have felt with blogging. I still feel new and have been doing this since June. When I try to tell unbloggers about blogging most just don't get it. Blogging and bloggers have just inspired me so much. I will start an Etsy shop soon. I promise myself!
Happy Sunday to you!