Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tour of Christmas Trees

Welcome to a tour of my home as promised. Today is the dining room ......all pretty in pink. Of course it had to have a Victorian Tree. Every ornament has the color pink. I have feathers, fruit, flowers, all fancy and fun. I even found pink lights for just the right sparkle.

The mantle is covered in lots of gilded fruit, in a burgundy/pink theme. The mantle decoration grew over the past few years as I found more fruit and other embellishments to add. Honestly, if they weren't 75-90% off clearance at Michaels, A.C. Moore, Christmas Tree Shop or Jo-Anne Fabrics, than I wouldn't buy them. I made the ribbons from a spool I picked up at a lawn sale for pennies.

Looking at these pictures I think two words, "NO FLASH!" I have to get better at using natural light, sorry.

This collection of Santas stand guard along the side buffet. The little one that started my collection was from my Mom when she first discovered The Christmas Tree Shop, before they came to Maine.

My harvester table is set with a vase of fresh greenery, candles and plates and pitcher ready for a Christmas party. This small tree is the "Rose and Cherub" tree. It is covered with little golden angels and silk roses.

In the past, I would have a heavy swag of greenery and poinsettias surrounding my built-in china cabinet. This year I went for a cleaner look and added little bunches of fresh greenery, pink ornaments and flowers. I'm pleased with the look.

The stockings were hung with care ...... and too much flash for the photo.
What a simple decoration, a jar of vintage pink ornaments on the corner table.

The tree and a few close-ups.

One of my favorite ornaments, the vintage pink wreath. It is actually a pin.

Yards of pink tulle encircle the tree.

I love coming into the room at night, when just the mantle lights and the Christmas Tree are lit. I think back to 1853 when my house was built, and to that first family and their Christmas. There was sure to have been lots of candles, fruit and fresh greenery. Thanks for letting me share. Tomorrow is the music room.


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

It's all sooooo PRETTY...love your built-in china cabinet...looks great! Hope you have an awesome Tuesday!


Into Vintage said...

Merry Christmas! What a beautiful job you've done - I especially love the little clusters of ornaments here and there. I do that too :-)
Have a wonderful holiday - looks like you're ready for Santa to arrive! -amy

Sylvia said...

How festive everything looks, it belongs in a magazine!! Merry Christmas...