Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Merry Kitschmas and Happy Wenesday is Rednesday

Christmas has arrived at the shop. As promised, I am sharing a few photos of my new display "Christmas Seussical". I knew I wanted to use a red and white theme and have it be more exciting than a flat tablescape......... so by stacking a few round white tables I have the illusion of a Christmas Tree. Behind those tables, I stacked an aqua table on top of a red table. It is bright and colorful and reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book, hence the name, Christmas Seussical.

This is the image you see upon entering the shop.

It is difficult to take a good photo in a confined space, so here are a few close-ups. This is the top table.

The lower table, all filled with vintage Lefton goodies and felt elves and Santa's.

Vintage Floral picks adorn red and white stripped packages.

A Vintage 18 inch Mercury Glass Ornament hangs from the table....

Red and white feather trees, although not vintage, complete the look.

A vintage postage scale for weighing your letters to Santa.

Candy Canes and little Red Wagon........

Vintage Red Flocked Reindeer

Plastic Santa Cookie Jar

The jolliest couple ever, Mr and Mrs Santa Claus.

Of course red tins..........

And more lovely tins...........

With all of this red going on, I thought I would share with Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World, for her Wednesday is Rednesday. I suspect that since it is now December, we will be seeing a little Christmas Red at the party. (Please click here for your invite).

Thank you to everyone that had a chance to come to my Open House and for all the nice comments that was left on my last post. I have more photos coming. Thank you all for letting me share.

Merry Kitschmas to All!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Open House at the shop

Open House at 2nd fl Thriftiques Saturday November 27th
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Second Floor, 8 School Street
Gorham Maine 04038

I have been getting the shop ready, which is why I have MIA lately from the blogging world. My apologies to my friends, if I haven't stopped by recently to say hello. I hope that you all understand. Having 2 full time jobs.....is quite frankly 1 job too many. The shop is going well and I am thrilled, but you know, any of you that have a shop, a booth, or on-line presence, that all this creative fun, is still a lot of hard work. I hope that you all had a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. I guess I had better get to bed early, I have a busy day tomorrow. Who am I kidding ........ I still have 100 shiny brites to price. I'm back to work.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Little Thanksgiving Red

Time to get the Thanksgiving meal ready. I have my spices, of course they are a good 25 years past their shelf life, but who is counting. The cloves and thyme are Slade's and the nutmeg is Staff's. Wasn't that part of the old A&P stores?

You can't cook a turkey without a proper baster. Mine is an 1946 Artbeck Baster, a product of Arthur Beck Company. The package boasts that this baster is "an invaluable household aid:
* it bastes meats and fowl
* separates grease from gravy, soups and stew
* skims cream from milk
* and bastes apples.
What more could you ask from your baster?

"Thyme" to make the apple pie. I have the Better Home's recipe, my rolling pin, and

my apples. (Actually, these red delicious apples are fake and I use them as props at the shop) The apple brochure is from 1961.

To properly entertain, may I suggest these "Gay Nineties Party Mats". They are "ideal for cocktail coasters, servettes and wall decorations". I'm not sure what a servette is, do you? The mats are reproduced from Sass-Dorne Claytoon Models. These "Claytoon" illustrations are reproductions of actual full color photographs of miniature clay models and sets.

And if the Turkey doesn't come out the way you plan........ there is always Rexall's "First Aid Directions". For food poisoning, slide down to page 12.

I am joining Sue @ Its a Very Cherry world for a little Pre-Thanksgiving Red Wednesday is Rednesday. (Click here for your invite) Please be sure to stop over and visit Sue and all the other folks at the party.

Got it at Goodwill

P.S. I am still looking for any information on some Aluminum Vases I just found. Please check out my last post. Thank you.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I love being a (hoarder) collector. Everyday it seems, provides an opportunity to uncover a new treasure and to learn something. Although the treasures change, there is a pattern that always seems to develop, whenever I find a new treasure. Having found an item that I do not already own, I find several more of these items, all within a short span of time. How does this happen? Does it happen to you? (Remember all the mushroom canisters I kept finding?) I go from none to a full blown collection.

For example: I found this charming little vase, I believe aluminum, at Goodwill last Wednesday for $2.99. Although it reminds me of my American pottery in design and shape, I have not seen anything like this made in metal.

On Saturday, just a few short days later, a woman came into the shop with a box full of items she wanted to sell. There amidst a dozen or so vegetable shaped porcelain pieces, salt n' pepper shakers and butter dishes, was this little gem, another aluminum vase!

Two in just one week. How cool is that. So, my next question is, does anyone have some information about these fun little vases? I know my friend Linda @ A La Carte might be able to help. Honestly she is a veritable fountain of information when it comes to referencing makers of dishes. Now that I have these two vases, does that mean a new collection is starting? Will I find more? Ah, the thrill of the hunt. I look forward to any information you might be able to provide. Thank you.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday is Rednesday and a Giveaway Winner

Oh my goodness, oh what a day, oh what a week. You can certainly tell that the holidays are fast approaching. Things have been so hectic, I was worried that I wouldn't have anything to show for today for Wednesday is Rednesday with Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World . I always have so much fun at her party. Then I came across this cheery red advertisement, actually a perfect product for my stressed out day.

Tussy Deoderant

This ad is from a 1950's magazine. Now it is one thing to have a Guardian Angel on your shoulder.......
But quite another to have an angel under your arms!!!! Oh well. Thought I would share.

Finally a Winner!!

I have a winner for my one year Blogaversary Giveaway. Congratulations to VintageBettys, a mother and daughter blog. How sweet! Mom, Laura and daughter, Michele love to craft, sew, garden, cook, bake, th
rift, and of course, all things VINTAGE. I would love to meet these women in person. Seems we have a lot in common.

So ladies, be sure to send me your address and this Goodwill bag will be full of goodies and on its way to you. Thank you again for everyone who participated in this giveaway. I have been working on stopping by and saying a Howdy and thank you to each person that left such great comments.

Here are a few favorite thrift finds that people shared with me ........

Junque Magnet found Vintage Cross Country Skis
Leah @ My Fancy found a Vintage 50's duvet/blanket cover
Linda @ A La Carte one of her favorite finds of so many, 4 Pyrex Snowflake Casseroles
Gail @ Faithfulness Farm Red embroidery Floss, lots of it.
Mica @ The Child's Paper Most everything she owns are thrifted treasures
Anne @ His Eye is on the Sparrow Found a Howdy Doody Doll for $.50 cents and sold it for $36.
Angela @ I'm like a Little Bird favorite is a Shawnee Owl Cookie Jar
Carol @ Old Glory Cottage Her stuff is amazing, a current favorite is a vintage Halloween planter
Melinda @ Alabaster Rose Designs A hand-painted Tole Tray
My friend Tiffany @ The Folded Gingham is on a first name basis at our local Goodwill

I will share more tomorrow. Again thank you all for your support. Congratulations to Laura and Michelle. And please don't forget to visit Sue for Wednesday is Rednesday.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Visiting Pink

With all the rain and wind this past week, there are no leaves left on the trees. The warm autumn color has been replaced with bare stark branches against the grayish sky. You know winter is coming, and that Christmas of course will be right around the corner........... but I am resisting the urge to show off all my pink shiny brites. (Wait until you see what I just picked up at a church sale this morning for a dime a piece! Downright giddiness.) I shall be good and will wait till after Thanksgiving. So for some pink today, I am visiting my friend Darcy. She always puts together such pretty vignettes. (Remember she is the lady with the 3 goats, 2 peacocks and 1 pig.)

Darcy owns a log cabin home which she has decorated in Victorian Shabby Chic. For her it works. In her sun room, she has layered mirrors up again one rock wall. I love the pink lampshade that she has paired with an old lamp.

I was with her when she found this old window frame. It was already this fabulous shade of pink. She added scrapbook paper on one window and then the other window holds a photo of one of her goats done in pink tones. I love this photo. Phoebe, the goat is munching on flowers outside her little shed. A few keys and misc metal pieces complete the look.

This is her birthday gift to herself. This settee is really more pink tones but looks lavender in the photo. It was a Home Goods Find, and as their commercial says "Find what makes you happy".

My own pinks range from the practical, a brand-new-still-in-the-original box bread slicer to ........

Pretty Pink Roseville.

Please be sure to join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for some more pink loveliness. (Please click here)

Tomorrow, the winner will be announced of my giveaway (Giveaway is now closed). I wanted to do proper justice to all the folks who stopped by and left such sweet comments and wanted to share them and introduce you to their blogs.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather today. Remember that raking leaves is better than shoveling the snow. Have a good day.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remember our Veterans

World War II Vessel and World War I Toiletry Roll

It is Veterans' Day. Not the kind of holiday where Happy precedes the day. It is; however, a happy day when the men and women serving in the armed forces return home, healthy and alive. For all the generations of soldiers and sailors that have protected our country, we salute them and their memories. We are forever in your debt.

"The soldier above all other people prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war"... ~General Douglas MacArthur 1880~1964

Today I am sharing with Suzanne @ Coloradolady for Vintage Thingie Thursdays. (Please click here to visit Suzanne) It is a simple and humble post in that the Veterans of past wars are my "Vintage" tribute today. Please take the time today and every day to say thank you to a veteran. It would be nice if we stopped having Veterans in the present. That would mean the end of wars. Too bad that World War II, known as the "war to end all wars", should have been just that.

My giveaway, please see sidebar, ends tonight. Thank you.

God Bless Our Country

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rednesday is Fun and Giveaway Update

Oh my Goodness. I finally just got my glasses fixed. For the past 5 days I have been wearing a pair of $1.99 "readers" from Target, until I could get my glasses repaired. Although the readers were fine for basic reading skills, I was unable to use them for extended times at the computer, so that sadly meant no blogging!

I feel bad that broken glasses coincided with my One-Year Blogaversary. I have not yet finished posting all the goodies that the lucky winner will be receiving. Therefore, I am extending the giveaway to midnight tomorrow night, Veterans' Day. Thank you to all who have left such fabulous comments, I will be around visiting you. Thank you.

Now it is time to join in the fun for Wednesday is Rednesday with Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World (Please click here for your invite). Always fun and colorful, please be sure to see what other red goodies are showing up at this party. Before you head over to Sue's blog, please let me welcome you to my home.

This is my front door entryway. Personally, I think the deep red of the runner is the perfect color to welcome visitors to my home. (Not to mention that it doesn't show the dirt as much.) The floor is the original 1853 wood floor. In case you are wondering what is sitting in the corner, it is an elephant foot umbrella stand. Now I must apologize to all the animal lovers, as I myself am. But please let me state, that this piece is from the mid-1800's and I did not contribute to its demise. However, I have given the foot a good home (estate sale $25.00).

Now for something a little more cheerier red, this beautiful tablecloth. Perfect for a picnic or an afternoon of playing bridge with the ladies and eating tea sandwiches.

A cheery apron and oh-so-cute clothespin bag help to make the chores a little more pleasant, don't you agree?

Clothespin-holding puppy, yup, that just makes you want to whistle while hanging out your laundry.

Of course more red aprons, a thermos and tin to add to my every growing collection. Red and the Kitchen just go hand-in-hand. (These were all church sale finds for a dime apiece)

Of course, there is always aqua to complement the red. I love this color combination.

One last collection, my red handled kitchen utensils. Oh my I probably have way too many. But who's counting?

So please stop by and say hello to Sue and also don't forget that the giveaway closes this Thursday. Thank you.

Got it at Goodwill

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Harvest Gold Daze

**** Good morning. For those of you visiting for Pink Saturday, I do not have a new post prepared. I broke my glasses yesterday and for the moment have been a little vision challenged. I will be back on-line; hopefully this evening. Please don't forget to scroll down for my giveaway that ends November 10th. Thank you.****

You may recall that at the start of each month, I switch out my major shop exhibit with something totally new to the shop. I have had "Something Old" vintage wedding pieces, "Aqua Explosion" showcasing some of my favorite color McCoy pieces and most recently my "Spooktacular" black and white display.(Please click here to view). I have several women that can't wait to see the new display each month.

"Harvest Gold Daze" That is what I am calling my November center display. Layered on top of a vintage velvet tablecloth, are pieces of amber glass, topaz and amber jewelry, candlestick holders and candle rings. All are from lawn sales, church rummage sales, and of course Goodwill.

One of my favorite pieces is this 1960's Lucite candle and candlestick holder. I found this years ago at a lawnsale for under a dollar.

Here is a pair of Lucite candles and candlesticks, still the same amber color and silver accents but different design. These are a recent find from Goodwill for $2.99 for the pair.

I mix jewelry, like this necklace, in with my tablescape.

I placed an antique wooden folding chair on top of my table, to give height to the exhibit.

I love the chair's worn black leather cushions. Church sale this summer $3.00. I like to use chairs to stage my vignettes; however, all my chairs are sturdy to be used for sitting.

I have a collection of shot glasses, candy bowl, candle ring and jewelry perched on a cake pedestal that has a clear glass top and amber glass and silver base. You might remember this from last year's Amber Thanksgiving. (Please click here and here) Again these are all a combination of found objects.

Sitting on the chair is an old apothecary glass jar filled with gourds. A fall-themed wreath adorns the lid. Next to the jar is a framed lunar moth. It is gorgeous. You know how I like to decorate with natural elements (Please click here for my Deer mirror.) This beautiful piece was $.10 cents, yes a dime at a recent church fair.

A fabulous pheasant feather hat, in more of a headband style, is nestled in the autumn wreath. This was a Goodwill find for $2.99. I know what you are thinking, you never find such deals. Well when you live within walking distance to one, it is very easy to stop in while walking to the Post Office, to the bank or to the grocery store. Most times, I am purchasing an item that has just been put out on the floor.

A table full of juice glasses. I love to use them for cider to accompany my Thanksgiving meal. Does anyone else still use juice glasses?

I have three glass pitchers, and honestly don't remember collecting or having three. I have that problem a lot. Anyone else?

Amber glass bowls, one with a wire holder for a chip & dip set, and several candy dishes. If one is eating candy, it should be from a pretty dish. (I find it makes for less calories - - Honest)

I am showing and sharing my Amber "Harvest Gold Daze" with Suzanne @ ColoradoLady for Vintage Thingie Thursdays (Please click here or see Suzanne's button on my sidebar) I always learn something when I go over to visit this great party. Thank you Suzanne for hosting.

I am also joining my good friend Linda @ A La Carte for her party Junkin Finds. (Please click here). Who doesn't love to junk and even better, to show off their junking finds. Please stop on over to see all the fun posts.

We still have a few more days before my Give-Away ends on midnight November 10th. I am celebrating my one-year blogging anniversary. Please click here to see how you can enter or see my sidebar button. Next week, I will be showing what fun prizes await the winning entry. Give-aways are so much fun. Thank you all for joining me.

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