Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A little repurposed red treasure

Today I am joining Sue @Its A Very Cherry School World (Please click here to visit or on my sidebar) for Wednesday is Rednesday and showing off a little repurposed treasure, a Red repurposed treasure. For those who have visited my blog before, you know I love all things vintage and I enjoy giving things a new purpose.

I recently found this metal stand at a lawnsale for $2.00. It was painted black and pretty dinged-up. The black paint hid the details of roses. Yes as you will recall from last week, my love of roses ....... (Oh my luv is like a red red rose......remember to say it with a Scottish accent!) Anyway I thought it only fitting to paint it red, to jazz it up a bit.

Next I added an old metal strainer and a vintage New England Flaky Crust Table Talk Pie $.10 cents deposit Pie Plate. I have 2 at home that are in constant use.

I put apples in the strainer, but you could have it hold your kitchen utensils, other fruits or vegetables or even a plant. The pie plate could also hold a plant or a trio of wine bottles or candles. Actually for the photo and it being Wednesday is Rednesday, I had wanted to stack a pyramid of Campbell Soup cans, tomato of course, but didn't have any. I thought this could work in a kitchen, a bathroom or perhaps out on the patio filled with plants.

I already had the strainer and pie plate. The oil red paint was a quart of $4.00 oops paint purchased at the local hardware store. This is the third thing I have painted so I am definitely getting my money's worth.

Please be sure to say hello to Sue and check out all the fun of the party.

Also I wanted to thank everyone that left comments for "How do you let go of a treasure". I received some great advice. Thank you.

Got it at Goodwill

How do you part with a fabulous find?

How do you decide? I have bought and sold for years, long before opening up my shop 2nd fl Thriftiques. In fact, one of the primary reasons that propelled me to shop owner was my background in dealing. Some items were quick re-sales, while others were meant to be used and enjoyed before ultimately being sold. I love to decorate for the holidays as well as stage complete room makeovers. Both are easy to do when you are working with a revolving inventory. But how many times have I sold a piece only to find that it would have been perfect for a new tablescape design or some other use?

Take for example this little green sidetable. This green is MY favorite green,....... it is already perfectly distressed from time and use and not sandpaper ........... it is the perfect little size, compact but with the 3 levels and the magazine racks on each end, it holds a lot. I found it at Goodwill for $2.99. (Yes $2.99. I should have taken a photo of the price tag)

I have painted all my display pieces in the shop a light cream color so that the actual merchandise can stand out. I couldn't, I wouldn't, it-would-be-a-crime-to-do-so, paint this little piece. It would look lovely in my home and I can think of several rooms where it would work.

I have had so many people ask how much and I explain it is just for display. I finally decided to put a price on it, a reasonable but somewhat high price. That way if someone loves it as much as I do, they can purchase it. But I would be sad to see it go.

So how do you decide? I trust your comments, you have never let me down. So today's question is this, when we are out looking for treasures, of course it is natural to buy what we love, how do you part with your finds ..... when it is an extra special piece? Thank you so much for your advice.

Got it at Goodwill

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm a Girl and I like Pink

Happy Pink Saturday. I am joining Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound for a Pink-a-licious Party. Please click here to join.

I have never not liked pink. Honest. Although you can't tell by this photo of my sister and I (1969). It looks like my hand is forming a fist.......I just don't like having my picture taken. Or it might have been that I wasn't pleased with my mother's hair cutting job (notice the bangs). In this photo you just see my older sister and I, our younger sister posed in her pink outfit with our brother for their own photo shoot. When I outgrew my pinkalicious outfit, my sis was ready to pass hers down to me. That would have been 1970 or 71. Now I loved the outfit and yes I wore it with my white go-go boots (really really loved those boots) but our poor baby sister spent the next 5 years wearing the same outfit, first hers, then mine and then big sister's. I don't think she likes pink anymore.

I can't pass up a pink dish, especially when it is California Pottery, a favorite of mine..... as are both the lighter pink bowl and the plate and both Goodwill finds for $.99 cents each.

These pieces all have a pink edge. The Grandpa cup, the cup and saucer with flowers and the little vase are from Germany and Austria. The plate is Blue Ridge.

Of course pink candlestick holders are a must. All four of these were antique mall finds ranging from $2.00 to $15.00 for the one front right. In the right tablescape design, they are beautiful.

I found this plate years ago at Goodwill. It was produced by Salem and is appropriately called Pink Bamboo. It has taken me the past three years to find 3 more plates. I know I could probably find them online, but it feels like cheating. The thrill is in the treasure hunt.

Here is an impromptu (hastily assembled from dishes at the shop) tablescape. Pink glass salad plates are matched with the Salem plates and 2 mismatched pink glasses. The only thing that ties this vignette together is that it is all vintage and pink.

So please visit Beverly and see what everyone else is sharing. I must confess that I take my time visiting the blogs. It is a very relaxing way to spend the evening and Sunday morning. Visiting with blogging buddies always puts me in a good mood and really ........ how fun is that! Thank you to all that participate and stop by for a visit.

Got it at Goodwill

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage Fungi

You know how I love orange............even better when it is orange mushrooms!! You may recall my love affair with mushrooms when I showed these beauties (Please click here) and again (click here). But just when you thought I couldn't possibly find any more VINTAGE ORANGE MUSHROOMS, I did. You know I could. I thought the folks over at Vintage Thingie Thursdays would enjoy my colored little fungi, so I am joining Suzanne @Coloradolady for her party. (Please click here for the party or see the button on my sidebar).Hope you all enjoy.

First I wanted to show this poster of the three ladies and a lawnsale. I found it years ago at the Christmas Tree Shop of all places. I was with my best friend and we were rolling in the aisles. Between her laughing and crying, she kept blurting out "That is so you". It was decided that since I was the only Blonde in our group, I would be the Blonde one in the poster. The poster isn't vintage, but everything pictured at the lawn sale is, right down to the paper tablecloth.

I think I may have had something similar for one of my birthday parties in the 70's. Nothing says "Let's Party" than orange mushrooms.

This summer I found at a lawnsale, some rubber, yes rubber, not plastic, mushrooms. I have no idea what they were used for originally. I am using them as part of my "Orange Daze" display at my shop. You can see the mushrooms peeking out of the green basket.

Here is a close-up.

How about an orange mushroom tile....... You can see in the background, my previously shown mushroom pot.

That was a sauce pan, I needed a fry pan to complete the look. I found this harvest gold with orange mushrooms beauty. Doesn't it make you want to get right in the kitchen to start cooking. Surely, everything must taste better when you have such a cute pan.........

Lawnsale find $.50 cents

No home can be complete without an embroidered wall hanging with yarn. I remember doing several of these types of kits as a kid. I still have a clown one that took me forever to complete. I may need to pull it out to post. Hey there is an idea. I think next Vintage Thingie Thursday it will be vintage (scary, oh so scary) clowns. Until then, please be sure to join Suzanne today and all the
other Vintage Thingie Thursday folks for a little fun.

Lawnsale find $.25 cents

Got it at Goodwill

Red Red Roses

Plaster of Paris Red Rose wall hanger.

Oh My Love is Like a
Red Red Rose by Robert Burns

O, my Luve's like a red, red rose,
That's newly sprung in June.
O, my Luve's like a melodie
That's sweetly play'd in tune.

As fair as thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I;
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry.

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi' the sun:
I will love thess till, my dear,
While the sands o' life shall run:

And fare thee well, my only luve!
And fare thee weel, a while!
And I will come again, my luve,
Tho' it ware ten thousand mile.

I have a terrible memory; however, I can proudly say that there are a few things I can actually recite from memory, in their entirety. This poem by Robert Burns, considered Scotland's National Bard is one. I was first introduced to this poem in my seventh grade literature class. I loved how it sounded, the lilt of the phrases, and how I used my best Scottish accent while reciting. (Actually not so much my best accent, but serviceable........ I mean you could tell at least it was suppose to be Scottish.)

By the way, the other things I can recite include Psalm 23 and The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Longfellow. I guess both of those say a lot about me.

Today is Wednesday is Rednesday, and I am joining Sue @ It's a Very Cherry (School) World, for a little red fun. (Please click here to visit Sue and the other participants). Nothing says red more than roses, so that is what I am sharing today, vintage style of course.

Here is a vintage Avon Rose Pin.

I know I just showed this vase for Pink Saturday with Beverly, but for those of you who didn't see see it, here it is pink with roses and quite the odd choice for the inside glaze of the vase. That I like the quirkiness of the vase, also says a lot about me.

Well that's all for today. Promise though, when you read the poem, try saying it with a Scottish accent. Go ahead try it. Trust me, it is fun.

Got it at Goodwill

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Feeling Rosy Pink Today

*******Sorry for delay in posting. Internet problems**********

Good morning. It is a beautiful fall day and the morning began with a rosy sunrise, so all is right with the world. Today I have the pleasure of joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday. To stop by and visit all the other wonderful pinkness that the other participants are showing, please click here.

Although my house at the moment doesn't have much pink, I can't resist purchasing this color, after all, I am a girly girl that loves her pink. So let's see what I have today.

This first piece is a fun little pink vase with red roses, another love of mine. What makes it interesting is the glaze used on the inside of the vase. Let's just say, it is an interesting juxtaposition of color and style. It is quirky and perhaps a tad on the garish side, so of course I had to get it.

I love my aluminium pieces. (Please click here to see my collection) These are pretty pink pieces, marked Boscal Anodized Aluminium. I now own two, just these two, but am looking for more. The hunt for pink is on. I love a challenge.

For something a little dainty, these pink shoe stretchers. Wouldn't they look adorable with pink ballet shoes?

I have had this piece for years. I love the combo of cream and rose along with the scalloped edge. It does not have any markings.

Last but not least is this little kitty, obviously meant for a February birthday. I remember growing up, all the "month" collectibles that were available, figurines, plates and flower paintings. These types of pieces just aren't made today, but the vintage ones I find sell quickly in the shop. Sorry Nancy, my sister, you won't be getting this kitty for your birthday, it just sold.

Please remember to visit all the other participants for today and have yourselves some pink fun.

Got it at Goodwill

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seeing Red and how do you handle a shoplifter?

(My shop entrance 8 School street, Gorham, Maine)

I am seeing red today and not just because it is Wednesday is Rednesday over with Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World. Thank goodness, Sue always throws a swell party and I could use a little cheering up. Before I explain, let me show you a little red fun at my shop. Come on in, the open flag is out.

I know, I know, what is the first rule of refinishing furniture, TAKE A BEFORE PHOTO! Honestly, though, I am always so anxious to begin the project, that I just dive in and start scrapping and sanding. This little red side table did not look like this, just a week ago. it is a lawnsale find for $1.00, it was filthy and the paint was chipping off and not in a desirable shabby chic way. Three coats of carnival red oil paint later, I have this cute little functional piece perfect for the kitchen or even a bathroom.

For the moment it holds a few red treasures. I like to group my vignettes by color.

This is an Animal Cracker tin from 1979. A lawnsale find for $.50 cents.

I love this little black & red tin, Salvation Army for $1.99. Marked Made in England.

And I really love, love, love this red & black cookie tin! Same day, same Salvation Army store, for $.29 cents. I am starting to enjoy my runs to SA, but don't worry, I will always stay true to Goodwill.

This step stool was a lawnsale find for $2.00 and it needed work. A little spray paint and a new seat cover was all it took to go from drab to fab.

For my shop, I tend to go for small furniture pieces as smaller scaled items fit better in a dorm room or first apartment. Remember, I am in a college town. This past weekend was the first full weekend of the kids back in school, and back in town. My shop was packed all day. Needless to say, I was one very happy gal. But it wasn't just the college crowd at the shop, there were lots of folk my age as well.

One of those ladies in fact bought quite a bit from me. She was parked directly in front of the shop and I noticed her New York Plates. Being close to Sebago Lake, a tourist destination, we get a lot of out-of-state traffic through town. While she was in the shop, I was busy putting out new jewelry that I had just finished pricing. I was working on pricing some books, when the lady brought her pile up to cash out....$133.00, paid with cash. Yup I was happy, happy, happy. Then the lady left along with a necklace and 4 rings, not paid for, the ones that had only been on the shelf for ten minutes. Really, you have cash for other items, and you still have to steal. Really, my shop is a one room little business venture, and you feel the need to steal. I was upset. My first shoplifter, and I know not my last.

At first I was angry. Then sad. It had been a beautiful necklace made of 50 rhinestone buttons. Then I totally rearranged my shop to move the jewelry display case right next to the cash register. Lesson learned. So here is the question: How do you handle shoplifters? How do you make your shop a little safer? I know I am asking the right folks, so any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

Please don't forget to stop over and say hi to Sue and visit all the other folks showing Red.

Got it at Goodwill

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pink Saturday & Remembereance of 9/11

Thank you Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound for hosting Pink Saturday today (click here), not as a party but a celebration of life; for giving us a reason to put on our pretty pink lipstick and smile, and say howdy to our fellow bloggers; ones that have become more than just a name on a post, they are true friends that we haven't yet met. For this day of remembrance of our how lives were irrevocably changed nine years ago, we need to think of rosy thoughts and not dwell on the overwhelming sadness of that day, or if not, we shall certainly be consumed by despair. As we honor the lives that were lost that fateful day, we must also cherish each new life that has since begun, as they bring hope for a better tomorrow.

(A little vintage pink and blue planters, perfect for the nursery).

Look at these rosy pink cheeks and innocent eyes that look upon the world with wonder and awe. Let us teach our little ones to share their toys with others, not to call each other bad names, and to all play nice with playmates. If we all did that now as adults, the world would be a very happy playground.

(Vintage pink gloves)

But for today, September 11th, please join hands in silent prayer, to remember those whose lives were lost that day and the lives that have since been lost. Place your hand over your heart and with pride, recite the Pledge of Allegiance. With a hand raised, salute the military personnel and all other security forces that keep us safe at a great cost to themselves and their families.

At first Portland, Maine seemed so far removed from what was happening in New York City nine years ago today. Then we learned that two of the hijackers actually stayed in a hotel in South Portland, only a few miles from my home. They flew out of the Portland Jetport and I could have seen their plane fly overhead. Suddenly the world seemed a smaller place.

(Pink frosted glass from the fifties and a small pink vase marked with the outline of the Empire State Building and the words Worlds Fair 1940).

We will never forget what took place that day at the Pentagon in Washington D.C, a field in Pennsylvania, or at the Twin Towers in New York City. Nor should we. Like all horrific events in history, it must be remembered and respected, to not be repeated. But we must also look to the promise of a better future, and so I raise a glass in a toast to this day's rosy sunrise, to a new day, and to a new beginning.

Thank you to Beverly and all the other folks participating today for Pink Saturday. Life goes on, one pink baby step at a time.

Got it at Goodwill

Barnyard Bash

Moooooooove on over, all you other parties, there is a new one in town. Actually in the barn to be exact. Happier Than a Pig in Mud is hosting the first Barnyard Bash (click here to see all the other hens a' clucking at the party) Now I am a city girl, although I do garden and like to be outdoors in the dirt, I wouldn't know how to milk a cow if I ever tried. However, when I saw this sad little cow at Goodwill, I knew she had to come home with me.

Her little tag simply states "So you think you've got troubles". It took me a second to realize why the poor ole girl was crying.

She was stepping on her udder. I would be crying too!

I have always loved lambs. Since my daughter's birthday is in April, she has a collection of stuffed rabbits and lambs. I just think they are also a perfect decoration for any nursery. This little lamb planter would look especially cute planted with "Lamb's Ears".

But hey, since we are celebrating with Happier than a Pig in Mud, it is only fitting to show a little piggie cuteness. This little guy stands guard for my cloth napkins, but he has also been a letter holder. Unfortunately, most of the envelopes were bills and he just hated that ...... so back to holding napkins.

Now this next little piggie has let fame go to his head. He thinks he was featured in C. Dianne Zweig's book, Hot Kitchen Collectibles of the 30's, 40's & 50's. (A must have book) Shhhh, Please don't tell him that it was actually his cousin. Hey, every pig deserves his time in the spotlight.

Since I showed the little guy above a second time in a post, this next pair wanted to come back again for a visit. They were just visiting Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound this past Saturday for Pink Saturday. A few of the day's lovely comments suggested that these little fellas would be happy pigs joining up with Happier than a Pig in Mud. It went to their heads. But I have to admit that these little Japanese beauties are adorable. (They still have their original cork stoppers).

This is a fun little piggy bank. It looks like it is covered in real coins. They are all dated 1964. Even though I hadn't seen one like this before, it was his eyes and those little floppy ears that said take me home.

Please be sure to stop over and visit all the other party animals in the barnyards today, the kind this city girl doesn't mind one bit.

Got it at Goodwill

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pinkalicious Vintage Finds

Image Map
Oh Happy Pink Saturday. I have always enjoyed visiting Pink Saturday Posts and have always wanted to participate. Well today, I am doing just that. A big thank you to Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound for hosting this lovely pinkalicious gathering, (Click here for your invite).

For a girly girl like me, finding something pink is not a problem. Let's start in the kitchen shall we, with this pair of cute little pink piggie salt n pepper shakers.

Actually, with them sitting on the kitchen table, staring at you, it makes it hard to eat your bacon.

I just love this Russel Wright - Steubenville casserole dish. It is really more than a dish, it is a piece of art. The way the lid handles turn up, and the bottom handles are down turned, I am not embarrassed to say, it makes for one sexy stylish piece of pottery. What makes it even more appealing to me, is that is was a Goodwill find for $4.99.

Russel Wright (April 3, 1904 – December 21, 1976) was an American Industrial designer during the 20th century. Beginning in the late 1920s through the 1960s, Russel Wright created a succession of artistically distinctive and commercially successful items that helped bring modern design to the general public.

Wright is best known for his colorful American Modern dinnerware, the most widely sold American ceramic dinnerware in history, manufactured between 1939 and 1959 by Steubenville Pottery in Steubenville, Ohio.

Still visiting in the kitchen, is this fabulous, still in its original packaging, never used, bread slicer. You would place the piece of bread in the metal holder and then use the knife to slice down to make two perfectly thin sliced pieces. When making your cucumber and watercress party sandwiches, a girl has to have thin slices. Don't forget to cut off the crusts.

My favorite pink kitchen utensil is this wonderful egg beater from the 50's. You have seen my collection of green and red painted handle utensils, quite popular and readily available at flea markets and church sales. I have never seen a handle that is pink and black. Makes me want to change out my kitchen with a new color scheme just to match this egg beater.

Pink in my sewing room. Here are a few finished yo-yo's for a baby's quilt I am making. I first learned how to sew these yo-yo's or what I call puckers when I was 10. Over the years, I literally have made thousands. Here is a hint. A plastic coffee can lid makes the perfect pattern for the perfect size pucker.

Remember at the start of August, I spent my birthday doing some "Thrift Shopping". One of the places I visited was Salvation Army. On that day, I found a cute little yellow canister for only $.79. It wasn't till I got home, that I realized something was inside the can.

Here she is in all her pink deliciousness.!!!!

Here is what the bottom looks like. Now I have some ideas as to what she might be, but I would really love to hear from you as to what this lovely lady was used for, thank you in advance for your help.

So that is my pink today. I am glad to be sharing with you for this most colorful party. Makes me want to get out my pink ruffles and bright pink lipstick and go have some pink fun visiting everyone at the party. Thank you Beverly for hosting. See you there.

Got it at Goodwill