Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberries anyone?

Wednesday is Rednesday

Oh my, oh my. I opened up my blog today and could not believe the date of my last post.......May 6th!!! I have never went more than a few days without a post, maybe sometimes a week, but oh my, oh my.... a whole month. Well I have been very busy.

For a brief recap:

1. Officially now divorced
2. Selling my home
3. Looking to relocate my shop
4. Leaving my full-time business of 21 years and looking for part-time position

Of course nothing has been easy...... kind of one step forward, two steps back sort of thing. Today, I am taking a deep breath, saying a little prayer and going forward with a smile on my face and making a promise to you, that I am back to my little blog, and my blogging friends that have kept me sane through this whole process. Thank you for sticking with me on my journey. I knew at the start of the year that I would be taking a new and uncharted path. It has been a little bumpy at times, and there have been a few detours, but my personal GPS is keeping me on track.

Having my house on the market is part of this new journey. I know I have shown photos of my kitchen before, but this photo is from the realtor. It is magic........ look how big it looks and oh so empty (de-clutter and de-personalize). I wasn't getting rid of my I Love Lucy Red chairs.

I wanted to stop by for one of my favorite parties today, Wednesday is Rednesday, with Sue @ It's a Very Cherry World. All that happy red at the party, always cheers me up!! Sorry Sue, it has been too long since my last visit.

My red today is my "For Sale" sign. It is certainly big and red. So if you know anyone who would love an 1853 house with 20 rooms and lots of land with perennial gardens..... there is the number.

I am living each day with this quote:

Faith is not about everything turning out okay.
Faith is about being okay no matter how things turn out.

I'll be back this week. Stay tuned for a virtual tour of my home. It has never looked so good, and of course now it (hopefully) gets sold. Oh well. Also have I got some fun lawn sale goodies to share. Thank you to my friends for being there for me with your thoughts and prayers. I have so appreciated you. Every day is baby steps.

Oh be sure to stop over and say Hi to Sue. It will brighten your day.

Got it at Goodwill