Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday is Rednesday, still showing some Christmas

Today is December 29th, Christmas is done for the year 2010 but that doesn't mean that the decorations have come down. I thought I would just take the next couple of days to share a few Christmas decorations before the start of the New Year. So for my favorite party with Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World "Wednesday is Rednesday", here are a few red decorations used with my other favorite color aqua.

My Kitchen wreath was the usual boring green style from Michael's purchased after Christmas last year for pennies (75% off sale). I spray painted it white, is there anything you can't spray paint.....and then added red ribbon, blue ornaments and red flocked birds, all left over from prior year decorations.

The blue star shaped ornament was made from a toilet paper roll and then spray painted blue. I promise to share a tutorial on making the toilet paper ornament.

My kitchen as you will recall is aqua and red. It is hard to find that combination of colors for Christmas, so I was very excited last year when I found these little gingerbread houses, after-Christmas sale for $.19 cents each. They are adorable.

The aqua of the gingerbread houses goes nicely with my McCoy planter. The red door is just a perfect splash of red.

I must confess that I am a little sad that Christmas is over. All the anticipation that built up for the day is now just a memory, albeit a pleasant one. There were fewer gifts under the tree this year, but the house will have a much needed new washing machine, and my daughter's car has 2 new tires, a new battery and brake pads. Elizabeth knew all that we were doing for her car was her Christmas gift, but knowing my little girl is safe on the road, was actually a gift to me.

I hope that all my friends had a joyous, happy and healthy Christmas, shared with their family and friends. Here's looking to a better New Year. Please be sure to say Hi to Sue for the last Rednesday of the year 2010.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

What do I want for Christmas?
Lord, set one bright star apart,
and let me lift to it this night,
and awed and childlike heart.

The gifts have been exchanged, the Christmas Dinner is cooking, and the wrapping paper and bows recycled. For all its anticipation, Christmas 2010 is here and the day is going by too quickly. My biggest gift is and always will be my daughter. Even at 22, she is still my little one that I can't wait to see open her presents. I wonder where she may be next Christmas, where her future plans will take her. I know that little birds have to leave their nest, but for this year, she is home. There have been a lot of changes for me this year and more to come. Through it all, I have been blessed with meeting such amazing blogging friends, friends that are as real to me and special, as my friends right here in my hometown. These wonderful blogging buddies have taken the time to offer such sweet comments, advice, humor and support. I am truly grateful and appreciate them all.

It was after Christmas last year, that Shara of Monkeybox was posting about some Christmas finds that she had purchased at a school sale. Amongst all the cool treasures were these silver plastic reindeers and sleigh. I wrote to Shara with a comment how I had those same reindeers from my childhood, only a few, and that every Christmas they were part of my decorations. Even though some had broken antlers and they were only plastic, they were priceless to me. Imagine my delight when Shara wrote to me asking if I would like them. You can see them in the photo above and read the whole story here. I was thrilled. A simple and kind act of a stranger that is now a friend. I have to admit, I don't do facebook or twitter or the other social media options........ but I do have my blog, as simple as it is, that is my little piece of sanity, inspiration, and friendship. Thank you to all my friends.

Merry Christmas to you all. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sharing Red and what is Santa's other Job?

Time for a little sharing of Christmas Red with Sue at Its a Very Cherry World for Wednesday is Rednesday. (Better late than never) Also, I have a question today. Do you ever wonder what Santa does after Christmas? But first, let's get ready for Christmas.

The candles are ready.....

The lights are strung.........

The stockings are hung, with help from a few little elves.......

There are tins filled with cookies.....

And other tasty treats........

Flowers (would you believe fake and a Goodwill find for $1.99?) are ready to greet my guests.....

Here are some of the wreathes I have been making from bits and pieces of vintage floral picks, ornaments and old garland. I love this red and silver wreath.

Would you believe that I rescued this lovely aluminum flower with red pine cone center from the trash?

Red and white vintage flower picks join Santa and his sleigh for this wreath.

A little bit of this and that makes up this wreath. These were all found (from free boxes and trash) little treasures.

Now for a little music. Of course you have to have Gene Autry singing "Here Comes Santa Clause"..........

But you know me........that just isn't enough for Christmas. Remember, I was wondering what Santa does after Christmas.

Nothing can beat Christmas with the Colonel....... yes Colonel Sanders!!

This 1969 Christmas music was brought to you by Kentucky Fried Chicken..... Nothing could say Christmas more than the Colonel. Afterall, switch his white suit to red and add a beard......maybe it is Santa for the off season. I'll let you decide. Merry Christmas to one and all.

Got it at Goodwill

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Goodwill Christmas

You know me, I tend to find the best things at Goodwill. But today's little bit of red, for Sue's (Its a Very Cherry World) Wednesday is Rednesday, is a Goodwill find from my daughter coupled with a few of my Goodwill finds.

What do you get when you take
1. one CPR dummy $7.99
2. pair of stuffed legs $1.99
3. Santa suit $3.99
4. pair of size 7 boots $2.99
5. pillow $.99 cents

Of course, you get your very own Santa Claus courtesy of Goodwill.

When my daughter found the CPR dummy, she knew she had to have it. Like her mother, she just loves the unexpected. Since he only goes to the waist, she called him Billy Bob, her half-brother. A year later, I found a pair of legs made of cotton and stuffing. I thought they would be perfect for Billy Bob. Next we found the Santa Suit and an idea was born.

Santa is actually quite handsome, with a five o'clock shadow, beautiful brown eyes and lashes and curly dark hair. He is sitting up in my shop. One lady said that isn't Kris Kringle, it is more a Christopher. Either way, he is my Santa and I got him at Goodwill. What can't you find there?

So when you are out shopping, please don't forget to see what your local Goodwill has for gifts and decorations. And since this is Wednesday is Rednesday, please don't forget to visit Sue for all the other colorful goodies she is sharing.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time to stop and smell the holly, and a little something I made

December, we can all agree, is a busy time of the year. With my shop being in full Christmas mode, my day-job working on year-end inventories and reports, several articles due for the paper, and not to mention trying to decorate at home.....yes it has been a little hectic.

This is when I take a deep breath, and take time to stop and smell the holly.

There is something pleasing about green holly themed candy dishes and platters. This little red knee-hugger elf looks quite comfortable. I think he is waiting for the dishes to be filled with candy.......ah yes, some ribbon candy.

Then there is a bit of fun. Remember this cute little red flocked reindeer that I earlier shared? Well I just found a set of red coasters (Goodwill) that show the exact same reindeer. Really, how fun is that!!! It was a giddy moment. I amuse myself so easily.

Then there are these shiny brite boxes. I use them as decorations. Although they are empty, I just love the green color. It is my favorite shade of green. Plus the graphics are amazing.

Here is Uncle Sam shaking hands with Santa Claus. The box boasts American Made.

I also get excited about Christmas lights like these Noma light bulbs still in their pristine shape and original box. These were rescued from the trash as being old and useless! I just can't imagine that someone could do that. My favorite ones are the green, again my favorite shade of jadeite green. Did you notice the swirls on the bulbs?

So what does one do, when all stressed out with work, home and family....... you stop everything you are doing and get out the glue gun and create. Here is a little wreath I made that I think is pretty darn cute. The wreath form was wrapped in vintage garland and then decorated with vintage Christmas picks and Santa.

On the back of the wreath, I glued on vintage white light bulbs. I took my inspiration from Suzy at The Wreath Blog by GeorgiaPeachez . Her wreaths are simply gorgeous. I was suppose to be cleaning my house not making a bigger mess. My dining room table is now under a pile of supplies, glue gun and scissors. But I did have fun creating and while mine is not in the same league as the wreathes Suzy creates, it was, as it should always be, about having fun.

I am joining a new party at Today's Creative Blog for the Get your Craft on Party. There are already over 200 ideas showing at this party. If you are looking for a craft idea, please be sure to check it out. Looks fun.

Have you stopped today to smell the holly?

Got it at Goodwill

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Reds

With all the treasures I have found this past year, all destined for my shop, my most precious treasures remain safe at home. Nestled amongst the tissue wrapped Shiny Brites in a box marked "Special Ornaments" is a rag tag assortment of elves, angels and sleighs. More of sentimental value rather than monetary value: it truly isn't Christmas until these smiling faces appear on my library shelves.

They are all time-worn if not down right chippy vintage goodness. The red elf sitting behind the angel is at least 65 years old, a family treasure. The angel is from a friend and is from her own childhood. I received it as a gift last year (Click here for story and other vintage Christmas pieces.)

This sleigh is my most recent piece, last year at Goodwill, for $.99 cents. The reindeer is still wearing its bell.

This sweet little elf still wears its rope hanger and has all its sparkling jewels elf with a little bling. I acquired this piece years ago and just love it. It wasn't a part of my childhood, but certainly is a part of my daughter's. It was rescued from the bottom of a box of mostly broken ornaments and other misc. decorations. This find, as I always say, made me down right giddy.

I found this piece a few years ago, at Goodwill, the tag is still on the back for $.99 cents. It is a shadowbox design and constructed from fabric. Beautiful green ric -rac edges the frame.

But of course, you have to have a proper Santa for Christmas. This trio has seen a lot of Christmases. The tall one is another childhood piece, a good 55 years old. The shorter Santa again was from another family's decorations and I was happy to bring it home from a lawn sale. The Santa sitting on top of the books was a gift over 30 years ago, oh dear, that makes both it and I vintage.

I recently found this vintage red flocked ornament at a Grange sale. It is sitting on a holly berry bell plate, both of which will be up at the shop.

Here is a close-up of the ornament. Now that it is December, I will be hauling out all my Christmas goodies. Wait until next week when I share more with Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World for Wednesday is Rednesday. Please click here or on the party button on my sidebar for your invite.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Mirror, mirror, in my hand.......

Remember when you were a little girl and would sit at your mother's vanity for hours, brushing and styling your long hair? I surely do. With my long hair, I would play make-believe in the mirror. When my own daughter was little, she would sit at the bathroom vanity and play, dream and imagine being a princess and more.

I have always wanted a proper and fancy brush set. I found one with a matching tray at the beginning of the summer at an estate sale for $10. And as I have previously posted, as is the way for all my collections, I kept finding brushes and combs at prices that I could not pass up.

I now have five sets, four of which are in the shop, one from Goodwill ($2.99), two from lawnsales ($1.00 and $3.00) and the most recent from a church sale ($2.00).

They are used in a Christmas vignette, staged with jewelry, ornaments, hatboxes and silver trees. What little girl wouldn't want to have a set wrapped up under her Christmas Tree?

To embellish the nostalgic holiday feeling, I used sepia toned photos and Christmas cards from an old photo album (how sad, it was a lawnsale find).

One set is missing its comb; however, the matching mirror tray is gorgeous and more than makes up for the absence of the comb.

Mirror, mirror in my hand,
who is the fairest in the land......

I hope you all love them as much as I do. Each and every one was a thrifty find, you know me. I have missed being over to Linda's (@ Coastal Charm) for her Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays, because I can never be ready on time, sorry Linda. I thought today my little mirrors would be nice to share. Please be sure to see all the other thrifty finds at her party (click here for your jump through the looking glass, just like Alice).

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Old wooden sleds and chairs

Good Morning. I thought today I would show you a few shots from outside my little shop. I love the use of wooden pieces, barrels, sleds and chairs with greens for Christmas decorating. My front porch always showcases a worn wooden sled adorned with green boughs, pinecones and berries from my backyard woods. Something about the colors and textures says "Welcome to my home."

For my shop's doorway display, I have used 2 wooden sleds alongside wooden chairs, baskets and tree.

This wooden sled is quite old. It has wooden runners with a thin piece of metal nailed to the underside. This sled was found in the cellar of the 1850's building that houses my shop and the landlord thought I would like it. This would look great on a coffee table with a wooden bowl of pinecones on top or else hung on the wall, inside or outside, for some instant rustic charm. Any guesses on its age?

I have so many individual little wooden chairs. I just love their patina and size. This chair was a summer lawnsale find for $4.00.

On my "flying arrow" wooden sled, I have hung a wreath using a pair of vintage ice skates (found at a church sale for $.50 cents).

This wooden Flying Arrow" sled was produced in the 1920's by Sears & Roebuck. I found it on the side of the road with some other stuff marked "free." This was after a long morning of doing yard sales with an already overloaded car. It took me 15 minutes on the side of the road to unload, rearrange and repack, to make sure that this sled made it home. Boy do I need a truck.

Here is a close-up of the skates. They are engraved with the name Dr Lewis in the most elegant script. The manufacturer's mark is an outline of a Maple Leaf, with the words Maple Leaf.

On the other side of the doorway is this gray wooden chair, a Goodwill find for $4.99. I couldn't resist. It would be a crime to paint over this wonderful patina. The barrel was also a roadside find.

Today I am joining Linda @ A La Carte for this week's Junkin Finds Friday
I hope that you will have a chance to visit Linda, she has a real nice blog. Hope you all have a great weekend. It is back to the shop for me.

Got it at Goodwill