Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pink, I am drooling, Pyrex

I love my "Pink Bamboo" by Salem Plates. Nothing could ever be as good, that is until........

Pink Flamingo!!! Yes a set of Pyrex milk glass with oh so pretty Pink, Pink Flamingo to be exact, rim. A set of four, in mint condition..... are you drooling yet?

But wait there is more, a pink pie plate, and casserole dish! Yippee!!!!

Add a loaf pan, square casserole and large round with cover casserole dish. Talk about a giddy moment!!! These are mine, all mine!!

For the moment I do have them in the shop, but quite frankly, I think they might just have to come home. What do you think?

Thank you to everyone that has offered suggestions and comments as to what is the purpose of my vintage thingie that I previously posted. Basically, I seem to have a UFO fondue/plant pot. Still searching for the answer. If you would like to see a strange piece of pottery, please click here. It seems that no one has ever seen such an items. Your guess is as good as mine. Thanks. Hey it is pink so I thought why not run with it again for today, as it is Pink Saturday.

Thank you to Beverly @How Sweet the Sound for being the hostess for this always Pinkalicious party. Please click here for your invite. Have a great day.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Can you help name that Thinge?

Okay I have been waiting for this party all week, Vintage Thingie Thursday with Suzanne @ Coloradolady. I found this wonderful pink and yellow thingie at the home (actually buried out in the garage and yes still covered in dust) of an elderly lady. Her family has no idea what it is, but that it has been sitting out in the garage for at least 40 years.

I have been showing it to my dealer friends in hopes of gathering information about this unique piece. It stands about 20 inches tall and is a container of some sorts. With the lid removed, you can see some rust spots inside that you might see inside a plant pot, residue from minerals in the water. There are no drainage holes. It is a ceramic piece.

Here is the base with the same silver design as the lid.

Possible suggestions have been plant pot, fondue pot and ashtray. I would have just called it simply an art piece, but the lid suggests a function. All have agreed that both the colors and the style would indicate a mid-century piece. Any ideas? Let's play the game....."Name that Thingie". As always, thanks for your help.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Childhood red toys

Iconic Raggedy Ann & Andy rag dolls. Chalkware Raggedy Andy hangs above the dolls.

Today I am sharing a few vintage red toys. They are a part of our cultural history. I thought this would be a nice addition for Sue's Wednesday is Rednesday @ It's a Very Cherry World.

Spokes, spools, rods and reels . . . Playskool's Tinkertoy® Construction Sets, the tools of America's tinkerers were invented in 1914. Tinkertoy® Construction Sets are one of the truly classic toys of all time. They have driven the imaginations of children for generations, proving that fun and stimulating toys never lose their appeal.

Tinkertoy® Construction Sets are the invention of Charles Pajeau, a stonemason from Evanston, Illinois who established The Toy Tinkers company. Inspired by watching children play with pencils, sticks and empty spools of thread, Pajeau developed several basic wooden parts which children could assemble in a variety of three dimensional abstract ways. He designed his first set in his garage, and with high hopes, displayed the toy at the 1914 American Toy Fair. But nobody was interested. He tried his marketing skills again at Christmas time. He hired several midgets, dressed them in elf costumes, and had them play with "Tinker Toys" in a display window at a Chicago department store. This publicity stunt made all the difference in the world. A year later, over a million sets had been sold. Playskool acquired the Tinkertoy® line from Child Guidance in 1985.

I love the price tag. It reads $1.18. Below that price is says "Price west of the Rockies $1.29". The actual price of the can of toys was $1.15.

This next game Alley Oop is based on a comic strip that appeared 78 years ago. At its height, Alley Oop with its caveman and dinosaur characters was carried by 800 daily newspapers. It was popular around the world in both comic strips and book formats.

The game featured the comic character in an interesting mural on its reverse. One to four players get to flip their "oops" into the can. Manufactured by the Royal Toy Company, Inc. Copyright 1937 Stephen Slesinger Inc. (Stock Number 005alleyoop)

How fun are these games..... makes you want to be a kid again. Please be sure to join Sue for some more fun. For more childhood fun, please check out my vintage Wild West toys @ Thriftiques.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day

Happy President's Day.

Washington's Home - Mount Vernon

President Lincoln

Hope you all have a nice day.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

We have a Winner

We have a winner!! The Fifth Annual One World One Heart worldwide blogging party sadly has come to an end. Thank you Lisa Swifka for hosting this huge party. I know it must have been a lot of work and your efforts are appreciated. Thank you to all the folks that stopped by for a visit. Once more I met so many nice people. It really surprised me to see how many participating bloggers come from England and Australia. But it was a Kentucky girl that won, Jacque of Detailed 4u Collections was the winner of my Maine-themed giveaway. So my lobster goodies are on their way down south. Sorry I wish I could send the edible kind. Hope you Enjoy.

Thank you Graphics Fairy for the clip art.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wednesday is Rednesday and a new background, oh Joy!

My kitchen chairs and table....would you join me for a cup of tea?

Do you see this wonderful background? Isn't it amazing? I just love the colors. Yesterday, I posted about my sterile and sad looking blog. There was a glitch in code for my background design. I had spent weeks trying to address the matter, all to no avail. So I asked for your help and did you deliver. Thank you all, especially my friends Linda @ A la Carte and Carol @ Old Glory Cottage for their kind thoughts and suggestions. It helped. But a big thank you goes to April @ Abramyan Avenue for telling me all about Brooke @ Babbling Brooke Blog Custom Designs. Brooke is a genius. To make it simple, she found a leftover background widget on top of another widget. I was never going to have a background in place until that got deleted. You had to be able to read code to have found it. Now I can cut and paste code, but reading code is like reading a foreign language.... I am clueless.

This nice lady, that I just met, took the time to solve my background mystery. I know it may seem silly to you that a missing background was causing me so much stress, but honestly, it would be like coming to my house and not having a single curtain in the window. I want my blog to be inviting. So thank you Brooke for helping me put my "curtains" up. By the way, they are a Brooke custom design. Perfect timing, Brooke is having a giveaway over at her Custom Designs Blog. I am entering for a chance for background and banner make-over. After all the effort she put in yesterday on my behalf, as a blogging friend, helping another, you better believe that win or not, a new look will be coming to my blog. Thank you Brooke.

I thought it would be fitting today to show some red and turquoise (from my kitchen) that match my new background. Since there is a little red and I haven't been over in a while to her party, I am joining Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World for Wednesday is Rednesday. The cherry red posts always bring a smile and with my new background in place, I have all the more reason to smile. Thank you.

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Please, I need help fixing my background

A 1930's book embellished with ribbon and flowers. The story was forgettable; however, the little girl's face on the cover was enchanting.

Good morning all. It is another cold day in Maine. Now that we have gotten past Groundhog's Day and Valentine's Day, we just will have President's Day and St. Patrick's Day before we finally get to the most important day........March 20th and the First Day of Spring. For all the cold temps we have been having, the good news is that this is the first winter that my pipes have not frozen. Unfortunately, a bad ice dam, apparently a very heavy one at that, caused a large section of a gutter to come crashing down. As soon as the weather permits, that will have to be fixed. Oh well.

it is almost spring........It Is Almost Spring........... IT IS ALMOST SPRING! If I say it loud enough, will it get here any faster?

As you might have noticed, I have not been my usual chatty blogging self. I have a blog problem and I need your kind help. As you can see my background and template have changed. My previous background was a sweet piece that I got from Shabby Blogs. In January I was notified that I would have to get new code for the background. Wanting to oblige this request, I tried and tried and tried. Any time I would add a new code design, it would stay for just a second and then disappear. Also, when I went to my design page to delete the original background, there was nothing showing on that page that corresponded with the background. You know, like simply deleting a gadget.

So the time came, when my old background did get removed and it left a blank background but added a blurb about photobucket right in the middle of my banner. So I thought it would now be easy to add the new background. Wrong. Every time I copy the code and try to add it as a new gadget to the page, the image stays for a second than again is gone.(Thank you to the folks that have directed me back to ShabbyBlogs site. I can get the image but it doesn't stay.)So I tried playing around with the template and using one of the free images that came with the template and ended up with just a solid color background, even though the image shown in the preview shows the background being in place. Honestly, I have to admit that I now hate how my blog looks, rather sterile, so I have not wanted to blog. To make matters worse, also in January, my computer crashed and I lost all my wonderful photos. Over Christmas I had stocked up on images that I had planned on using over the next couple of months. They are all gone.

So please, if someone could help me out. I would love to have something pretty for my background once more. Hopefully I have explained what steps I have taken adequately enough so as to help in solving this problem. Any help that you might suggest, I would be so grateful.... for a pretty background and removal of that photobucket blurb. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Pinkalicious Pink Saturday

At the start of each month, I create a new "center" display for my shop, 2nd fl Thriftiques. I've showcased vintage wedding items for "June Brides" and Amber Glass Goodies for November's "Harvest Gold" vignette. Of course, who could forget December's "Christmas Seusical" display.

It was the obvious choice to go Pink for February. Nothing saves Happy Valentine's Day than a pink-sensory overload in my "Pinkalicious" Display. From a vintage pink women's electric razor, to pink shoe stretchers, pink jewelry, pink chairs, pink dishes and glass........ you get the idea, it is "PINKALICIOUS".

I love this pink rose that would have adorned some fashionable lady's hat, back in the day.

Pink oil lamp, a trio of pink aluminum bells, and a sweet 1960's tile picturing young love at the soda shop.

I love the speckled pink glass salt and pepper set. The large white chocolate you see in the foreground is actually a candle. Not only do you get a pink treat for the eyes, when you enter the shop, the heavenly smell of chocolate greets you.

This sweet "calling card" seen above is probably one of my favorite pieces of the display. Found in a book as an unexpected treasure, it reminds me of a story from one of the books in the "Little House" series, when calling cards were a very fashionable fad for Laura Ingalls Wilder and her friends.

The pink apron with the black ric rac edged pocket sold immediately after I took this picture.

This set of Ironstone plates followed the apron. It was a service for 8, and yes the customer is planning on a special Valentine's day dinner.

An "ideal" sweet dollhouse chair and a "Superior" cabinet. I would have loved these for my dollhouse.

So these are just a few of the photos of my display. I am joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for her always "Pinkalicious" Pink Saturday. (Please click here for your invite). I promise more photos of the shop display for next time that Pink Saturday rolls around. Wait till you see the furniture.

Stay safe, stay warm. Another storm is on its way to start the week. Is is Spring yet?

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