Sunday, September 11, 2011

The day that changed the world

Today a 5k race was held in my little town of Gorham, located just a few short miles from Portland, Maine. It was from a nearby hotel in Portland, that two evil men left and boarded a plane on September 11th, ten years ago. The world was irrevocably changed that day. Our little town, here in Maine, thousands of miles from New York City, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania felt that change......... that pain. We lost a friend Stephen Ward. He had recently started a job on the 101th floor of the North Tower. The race today is to honor him and to raise money for the Stephen Ward Scholarship. One of those men on the plane from Portland to Boston, was the mastermind of the hijaking of the planes that day. The world became a smaller place ...... and our lives changed forever. As I write this, I hear the church bell next door ringing. We will never forget.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday is Rednesday

I love red. I love Red Metal. I love RED VINTAGE AND OH-SO FABULOUS METAL!!!! You have seen it here before, there is just something so appealing about old red canisters and trays. (For more of my collection of tins, please click here.) The only thing more exciting to find is red design glassware. Yup, doesn't matter if I am at Goodwill or a lawnsale, any discovery of these treasures will get me dancing my "Happy Girl - U Go Girl" dance. (Goodwill employees are used to it but the looks I get from homeowners, Oh My.) So please allow me to share a few recent finds.

The trays shown above are recent finds; however, I previously sold the same one at my shop. When I found this one, the matching little trays did not accompany it. One by one I have been finding these little "tip" trays to complete a set of 8. I find that it is usually the way, that once an item is found, you just keep seeing the same thing everywhere. No wonder collections can happen so quickly.
You might recognize the red fork and spoon as being from my own Kitchen. They are now up in my shop. The mix and match glasses work perfectly together.

They all share a red and white theme. In my home we prefer glass to plastic. Makes for a stylish table and is good for the environment.

I love to find tins of by-gone products....... even better when the original price is showing.

Such a deal. For $.21 cents you can have Flash. Couldn't we all use a little Flash.

More tins to share. Okay one is more predominately pink, but I couldn't resist showing it to you. "Glass Wax.... now with Vanishing Action" It cleans a window a minute. Simply pour a small amount on a damp "cellulose" sponge and apply a thin coat to glass with with sponge. As Glass Wax dries, wipe off with soft cloth. Dirt Vanishes. No Skips. No Misses. You see where you're cleaning ..... know where you've cleaned. I don't know. Sounds more labor intensive than using vinegar and newspapers to wash the windows. How did our Moms do this, wearing skirts and heels, no less.

I am sharing my red treasures for Wednesday is Rednesday with Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World. Please stop over and say Hi and get your red-fix...... it will cheer you up.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Pink, Pink, & Pink

What's not to love about Pink? It can be warm, soft and cuddly pastel or sizzling hot ....... a very versatile color. And when you are a girly girl like me...... well it has to be your favorite color. Here are a few recent fun treasures.

How cute are these little slippers?
1950's Size 2, from Mrs Day's Ideal Baby Shoe Co. in Danvers, Mass.....unworn and still in their original box. Not expecting to be a grandmother anytime soon, so these lovelies are in the shop.

This cute blanket with the fluffy rabbit applique is still in the original bag. Also from the 50's it is an original "Hollywood Needlecraft" made in California.

The washing instructions ask that you hand wash and touch up with a warm iron if necessary. "Please do not wring, washes like a dream. Treat this exquisite garment with the fine care it deserves".

I don't know about you, but when my daughter was a baby, everything all got thrown into one large load in the machine, regardless of its cuteness.

I can never pass u
p pink dishes. I still have a set of pink Pyrex dishes in the shop and now have the perfect set of glasses to match.

Pink and black glasses just say "French Glam"..... Gotta love them.

So today is Saturday which means it must be Pink Saturday, a pinkelicious party graciously hosted each week by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. Please take a moment to visit her and all the other participants. While I have to admit to having a few favorite places that I always am sure to visit first, everyone at the party shows such fun and pretty-in-pink goodies. You won't be disappointed. Have a blessed day.

Personal note: House is still for sale, and I am still looking for a new shop location. In the meantime, please be sure to visit me at 2nd fl Thriftiques, 8 School Street, Gorham, Maine. Have I got some pink dishes to show you!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberries anyone?

Wednesday is Rednesday

Oh my, oh my. I opened up my blog today and could not believe the date of my last post.......May 6th!!! I have never went more than a few days without a post, maybe sometimes a week, but oh my, oh my.... a whole month. Well I have been very busy.

For a brief recap:

1. Officially now divorced
2. Selling my home
3. Looking to relocate my shop
4. Leaving my full-time business of 21 years and looking for part-time position

Of course nothing has been easy...... kind of one step forward, two steps back sort of thing. Today, I am taking a deep breath, saying a little prayer and going forward with a smile on my face and making a promise to you, that I am back to my little blog, and my blogging friends that have kept me sane through this whole process. Thank you for sticking with me on my journey. I knew at the start of the year that I would be taking a new and uncharted path. It has been a little bumpy at times, and there have been a few detours, but my personal GPS is keeping me on track.

Having my house on the market is part of this new journey. I know I have shown photos of my kitchen before, but this photo is from the realtor. It is magic........ look how big it looks and oh so empty (de-clutter and de-personalize). I wasn't getting rid of my I Love Lucy Red chairs.

I wanted to stop by for one of my favorite parties today, Wednesday is Rednesday, with Sue @ It's a Very Cherry World. All that happy red at the party, always cheers me up!! Sorry Sue, it has been too long since my last visit.

My red today is my "For Sale" sign. It is certainly big and red. So if you know anyone who would love an 1853 house with 20 rooms and lots of land with perennial gardens..... there is the number.

I am living each day with this quote:

Faith is not about everything turning out okay.
Faith is about being okay no matter how things turn out.

I'll be back this week. Stay tuned for a virtual tour of my home. It has never looked so good, and of course now it (hopefully) gets sold. Oh well. Also have I got some fun lawn sale goodies to share. Thank you to my friends for being there for me with your thoughts and prayers. I have so appreciated you. Every day is baby steps.

Oh be sure to stop over and say Hi to Sue. It will brighten your day.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A bit of this and that for Rednesday

Today is Wednesday is Rednesday with Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World. Please join Sue and the other folks for this always cheery and colorful event.

So as you may know, my house is soon to be on the market. A price has been set, repairs have been made and oh my, the cleaning, de-cluttering, tons of bags to Goodwill and boxes of anything that could be considered recyclable items have gone to the curb. My broker has dared to utter the word (gasp) HOARDER. He doesn't understand why I have so many cans of paint (oops paint),most half empty (or half full as I like to view them). He also wonders why I have boxes of lamp parts. And how many wooden chairs that need to be stripped, sanded and painted, can one gal own? Don't worry, I have been patiently educating him on the art of re-purposing.

But there was one thing I couldn't explain.......... As we toured my home, and reached the second floor bathroom, there it was in all its Red glory.

With oh-so-stylish gold feet.........

There it was in all its beauty, my red claw foot bathtub. When I bought the house, the bathtub was there and it was red along with a red toilet and matching red sink. Did I mention the wall of mirror tiles that was behind the bathtub? Thankfully, the mirrors are gone as are the toilet and sink. But what do you do with a heavy, Really, Really, HEAVY bathtub? You embrace the red and hope that the next owner has a sense of humor.

Last week was one of my favorite sales, the Methodist Church Spring Rummage Sale. There were a lot of nice new things for sale and of course the plants being sold were plentiful. I did find a few fun pieces, like these aprons. I can never say no to an apron, much less red ones.

This year was a bit different than past years. I was more than a customer, I donated about 30 boxes of items that normally would have been on my own lawnsale. Oh I will still be having a lawnsale when my house sells, but anything that would have sold for $10.00 and under went to the church. I am not even a member but years of me being a loyal customer at their fall and springs sales have endeared me to the ladies that run the sale.

I have posted about some of my treasures that I have gotten at these sales. I might buy something for $1.00 to resell for $10 but when I see something that is vastly underpriced, I can not with good conscience take advantage of the church. It is a CHURCH!!!

So when I saw these Austrian Crystal necklaces, I knew I had to speak up. Normally, the necklaces sell for $1.00. the ladies knew that they would be worth more, but were thinking about $10.00. They were worried that the rummage sale buyers might balk at such a high price. Needless to say, I asked the ladies if I could take the necklaces and post them on ebay with the sale proceeds all going to the church. They will be listed starting at $35 apiece. It was the right thing.

SHOP UPDATE: 2nd fl Thriftiques is moving! Come July, the shop will be relocating to a ground floor actual retail space, with plenty of parking. The space is easily 6 times as large as where I currently am. I will still be in Gorham and I will be posting more later on. I am so excited. Think of all the furniture I can now sell and oh my, all the lovely vignettes I can create.

July will be the shop's one year anniversary and I can think of nothing more fitting. New location and expanded treasures. It will be one heck of an open house! Don't worry, you all get an invitation.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

The sun is shining and you can actually start to see green grass. It is going to be a beautiful day. The church bells are ringing from the church next door and I am getting ready to go to the service. I love Easter hymns the best. It is spring!

I have a new energy and purpose in life and like the trees that are starting to bud, I too am budding. It is an exhilarating time. Thank you to all you have continued their journey with me. Your support has been invaluable. I look forward to a lot of new things but especially I look forward now to the start of the lawnsale season!!! After all, that is who I am, and that hasn't changed a bit.

Happy Easter friends and family.

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P.S. Thank you Graphics Fairy for the cute picture

Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome Back Pink Saturday

It is Pink Saturday.....oh Happy Pinkalicious Day! I know I have been a stranger to the blogging community but things are much better. The birds are singing, the days are getting longer and the snow is melting. (On a personal side note, the divorce will soon be final.) So with a breath of fresh I am back for my favorite way to spend a Saturday with the lovely hostess Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for the ever popular Pink Saturday.

A few months ago, my daughter and I were shopping at Goodwill, I know what a surprise. It was there that we spied this wonderful little beauty. I was thinking for re-sale at my shop, she was thinking for her bedroom. She won.

What was this fought over fabulous-pinkalicious-makes-you-giddy piece, you ask?

Just look at that sexy arm and leg.....................

The smooth shape and pattern detail.........

Perfect condition pillows and seams....................

Isn't she gorgeous? A mid-century Devan....perfect rips, tears, stains and the padding is great. Would you believe $39.00 before our Goodwill discount. For the moment it sits in the front parlor but will soon find it's way to a new apartment.

Doesn't this recall the set of I Love Lucy....can't you just picture Lucille Ball sitting here with drink in hand and wearing one of her fabulous fifties dresses.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to each and every one of you that posted such kind and understanding comments about my new status. It has been a little unsettling to say the least, but now, which each new day, the sun is shining and I am feeling good.

Okay I may not be Lucille Ball; however, I am in pink today. A new look for me and I am feeling pretty happy.

"Faith is not about everything turning out okay.
Faith is about being okay no matter how things turn out."

Enjoy your day and please be sure to stop by and see all the other folks for Pink Saturday. It is good to be back.

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