Thursday, October 22, 2009

I love church rummage sales

I love church rummage sales, and the one last weekend lived up to all expectations. Let's just say that I am a regular customer at their annual Fall & Spring Sales. I got lots of treasures, dishes, linens, lamps, wooden hangers, and lots of glassware. A pair of victorian women salt and pepper shakers that I bought for $.10 cents I sold within the hour of purchasing them for $5.00 and a charming 1960's Red Wing bulb planter that I bought for a quarter I have already sold for $5.00. I could have sold them for more on e-bay but they were purchased by friends. I felt a little quilty about that, because I paid so little, but they both assured me that they were pleased with thier purchase amounts as they knew what these items could really have sold for on-line. Many times I have brought an item of value to the woman directing the church sale to advise her that the displayed price was far too low and what they should be charging, urging her to reprice.....and she does....and it sells. The church wants to raise money but is also afraid to be stuck with a lot of stuff to dispose of after the sale, if things haven't sold. So I guess in the end it is a good day for both the church and customer.

In an earlier post, I showed what dishes I am putting together for my Thanksgiving amber glass theme this year. I scored on amber glassware at the church sale. I got 12 little glasses for ten cents each, a pair of amber glass salt and pepper shakers from the 70's also for a dime, a chip and dip bowl for $1.00 and 2 large glass bowls for a quarter each. I also found a couple of candles that will match as well as two amber glass candle garland rings. I can't wait to show you what my finished table will look like with all my finds....a whole new table design for under $20.

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