Friday, October 16, 2009

Time to set the table

I have too many dishes. Of course I can justify this by saying they are for my catering business but that is not the real reason. I am a plate junkie. I will be at a lawn sale and see a color or design that I just have to have. The price is good, usually under $1.00. It doesn't matter that I have nothing to match it........for the moment. I probably have a combination of dishes to equal a dozen sets, each set being a service for at least 12, some less, some substantially more. My set of Fire King "Jadeite" dishes easily serves 30 or more and who doesn't love Fire King. When I first started collecting this particular pattern, the pieces were inexpensive. However, after they were showcased in "Martha Stewart Living" as her collection of choice, the prices skyrocketed. Here are some photos of a small sampling of my dishes. I love the color turquoise and it goes so well in my retro kitchen with red vinyl chairs. I can take the turquoise pieces and mix them with the turquoise and cream pieces, and/or the cream with turquoise/tan design or mix them with yellow for a fun spring look. I love the glass serving piece that mixes the turquoise and yellow colors. The futuristic plates were a happy find. I bought a set of six plates and matching bowls at a lawn sale years ago. Earlier this year, I found another 8 plates, bowls and 11 salad plates of the same exact design! That is how my plate collections are built, a serendipitous piece here and there. By the way, my "Sputnik" plates as I call them, are so much fun to use when we do a "50's" night supper of tuna casserole complete with the crumbled potato chips on top.

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neora chana said...

We had the sputnik service for everyday when I was a little girl. I happened across a cup and saucer in a resale shop a while back and have really enjoyed having that little reminder.