Friday, October 1, 2010

Pink Treasures

It is Saturday so that means it is time to join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for another Pink Saturday (Please click here to visit all the other wonderful blogs participating today). Today I am showing a few of my most priceless pink treasures. No not my Roseville, Majolica or McCoy pink pieces; something even more valuable.

All through high school my daughter worked at Goodwill. It was a perfect job for her, close to home and walking distance, so no car needed. They were wonderful folks to work for and even now that my daughter is employed elsewhere, they are still like family. Please note that my love affair with Goodwill started long before my daughter was even born. The fact that Goodwill opened up a store in Gorham right at the time my daughter was looking for her first job, was just one big happy piece of good luck and coincidence.

For Mother's Day her first year of being employed, she was excited to finally be able to buy me something with her own money. She knew I loved pink, the dining room china cabinet was full of pink glass and pink plates. She found a pair of gold rimmed pink flower plates at the store and bought them for me. The marking is faded but I can make out England. At the time they were priced at $7.95 each and that was 8 years ago!

She was so proud to give them to me, each carefully wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon. I have since started to redecorate the dining room from pink to cream (think lots of Ironstone) but these plates will always be prominently displayed. A gift from my daughter, paid from her first paycheck. Priceless!

Elizabeth worked at the store with two of her best friends. They made quite a trio. I have been truly blessed in that all of my daughter's friends are wonderful young adults that I would be proud to call my own and it is with great honor that they consider me as their second mom.

Now you would think that working at Goodwill might have some perks but employees must wait 48 hours before they are able to purchase just put out inventory. The three of them would try to be helpful, telling me about some new treasure at the store; however, when visiting the store, the treasure would be something nice but new and made in China. Finally I simplified matters, asking the three of them to be on the lookout for flowers, pink and/or green plates and more importantly, making sure it was marked made in U.S.A. When my birthday came around, this was the gift I received from my daughter's 2 friends.

Obviously, they had a little too much fun in creating this tongue-in-cheek plate. In pink marker, the plate reads: I am anteek ...... werth lots of monie....... good! Sell me for anteek!!! and Pretty Pink Flowers.

The back reads: Not Canada! Canada Bad! No Flowers for Canada! (Please no offense to my friends in Canada. I am not sure why they picked Canada.)

Of course it is marked USA.

While this plate is not displayed in the china cabinet, it has a place of honor in the buffet. It is truly a one-of-a-kind treasure as are the two young friends that honored me with this gift.

Hope that you all have a blessed Pink Saturday.

Got it at Goodwill


Abramyan Avenue said...

How very cute!! Love that second plate....what a special gift! And the first plate...took my breathe away! It's gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

Priceless is right-those gifts that are near to our hearts!

Kaybe said...

Kids say the darndest things. Funny girls - love it.

Connie said...

Darling story. I love Goodwill and have found some wonderful treasures there.

Diann said...

What beautiful pinks! love each of them!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sherrie the plates are beautiful, you daughter has great taste, but then of course she is YOUR daughter. How sweet of her and I know that makes them priceless! The other plate is a hoot! Gotta love kids! Happy Pink Saturday my friend!

Marydon said...

G'morn Sherry ~ That plate is worth 'gold' for sure! Heart warming story.
How blessed you all are.

We finally finished both house constructions & took off for 2 weeks. I apologize, but will be better now.

TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

My Crafty Little Page said...

Cute, cute cute post! You are so lucky to have had someone at Goodwill! What a cute "made in the USA" plate the girls got you. Yep - I'd treasure that one, too!
xoxo Nancy

SandwichINK Real Estate Info said...

LOL LOL LOL - the first plate is gorgeous but the second plate is worth all the tea in China, England, AND the US - definitely full of your fun family memories and and joys and a delightful addition to your home decor accents and accessories. Thank you so much for sharing it with us for Pink Saturday :)

Donnie said...

That is such a great post. I love your treasure from the girls. Too funny about the USA logo too. Happy Pink saturday.

Miss Rhea said...

Gosh, if my daughter worked at Goodwill, I would be bankrupt !! Hee hee ! I would have her hoarding all of the good stuff for me :) The plate is too cute !! Happy Pink Saturday !!! :) :) :)

Melody said...

Hi Sherrie! Finally gettin back to Blogville after a week. Still haven't posted on my own blog yet, but had to stop in. Both those plates are keepers:) Love the red stand with the colander and pie plate in your last post. The post with the green I reeealllly need to go to Goodwill with you. The prices around here are not that good.

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Sherrie, what a wonderful story of young ladies who obviously thought so much of you! How sweet! Your other pretty plate is soo beautiful..wondeful treasures for sure..
Thank you for stopping by my blog, always appreciated and visits treasured..


Mimi said...

Cute story about your daughter's first job...she has very good taste in dishes, must be genetic!
Love those pretty hobnail pieces.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter has enriched your life in more ways than one! How blessed you are, Sherrie :)

Kathleen Ellis said...

What beautiful plates and such a precious memory to go along with them, Sherrie! I would treasure them also!
Have a beautiful week~
;-D Kathleen

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Too pretty to resist! I love your pink choices for this week.

vicki said...

Sherrie- I am not sure how I came across your beautiful blog- but oh my goodness- what a delightful place to visit. That you are the Queen of Goodwill thrifting is no doubt. The treasures you have found are amazing! This has been a most interesting visit- you have made me want to run out to my nearest Goodwill- and see it from your perspective! Great blog my friend!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

That is so funny and just exactly my sense of humor. Love this!

High Street Cottage said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, the pink hobnail is so pretty! It's funny, I removed a lot of the "about me" in my blog, but it did say that I have loved thrifting since I was a kid, as my Dad worked next door to a thrift shop and it was my favorite place to shop. (it was Goodwill). Love your blog, great job, tami from the high street cottage