Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lipstick Red in the Bathroom

This is my house. It is an 1853 Federal style building. In case any of you were wondering, those are tomato and pepper plants growing in containers up on the balcony, safe from bands of marauding raccoons and hungry little Bambies that nightly visit my backyard. I fell in love with that front porch the first time I saw it in the Multiple Real Estate Listings back in 1993. The rooms are stately, with three floors and 4 fireplaces (unfortunately none of the fireplaces can be used but the mantles are all gorgeous) and 9 foot tall ceilings. So it was a bit of a surprise while being shown the home, that first time by our realtor, what awaited us in the second floor bathroom.

Now mind you, there was no indoor plumbing when the house was originally built (the attached barn had a 2-holer). So the bathroom on the second floor was installed in what was once a closet at the end of the hall. It doesn't have a shower but makes up for it with the bathtub, and oh what a bathtub it is................

It is big and shiny and oh so red!

It is a claw foot bathtub that a previous owner had painted red. (Why?) At the time we bought the house, the sink and the toilet seat were also bright red. Having both seen better days, they have been replaced. The tub is rather too heavy to move, much less down all those stairs. So I have learned to embrace the red.

Last summer, I decided it was finally time to redo that bathroom but my budget was pretty much non-existent. I got the floor tiles on sale, the oops paint for $5.00 for the gallon and the fabric I had left over from a curtain project. Normally I would not have picked these colors to work with but remember,
I have learned to embrace the red.

On the far side of the bathroom are shelves, that were don't-allow-company-in-the-upstairs-bathroom-messy, that are now hidden from public view by this curtain. I do like the cherry pattern, It makes waking up first thing in the morning a little more cheerier if not cherrier. I have learned to embrace the red.

This bathroom wouldn't have been so bad with the red bathtub if the sink and toilet hadn't both been bright red as well. And did I mention there was also floor to ceiling mirror tiles covering one whole wall............ Oh my.

Today I am sharing my red lipstick bathtub (
I have learned to embrace the red) with Sue @ It's a Very Cherry World for Wednesday is REDnesday. Please click here or see Sue's button on my sidebar to join in this always colorful party. Remember to embrace your Red.

Got it at Goodwill


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Now I must say I love the red tub! I would so do a black, white and red bathroom if it were me. Still the cherries are cute!!

ThreeOldKeys said...

awesome! that bathtub is a beauty! there are quite a few things i need to learn to embrace ... thanks for sharing!

A 2 Z said...

You home sounds fantastic, full of character. I must admit it would have taken me a while to get used to the bathtub but then things grow on us over the years. Sounds like you matched the fabric with the tub really well. Thanks for sharing all your red! Happy Rednesday!


Leah said...

What a beautiful home. Love the curtain fabric. :)

Diann said...

Oh, I love the tub! And your home looks beautiful! I think the fabrics are adorable and I bet they really pulled the room together!

~~Carol~~ said...

I love your home Sherrie! It's SO beautiful, and a real piece of history. And I'm lovin' that red tub too! The wall color goes so well with it, and it's very cheery in there. And cherry! Much better than having to see yourself in those mirrors at all angles first thing in the morning!
Happy REDnesday!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Sherrie!
Please forgive me for my tardiness - I have meant to come over and thank you for your comment on my Banned Books Week post, ever since. Time is just flying by.
Oh my gosh, your house is so wonderful. I especially love your front porch and then the one above it, so charming! Love your red tub, how fun is that?! Must be great for bubble baths.

Happy Rednesday,

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Love the red tub! You've done a great job incorporating it into the decor! Thanks for your visit today. Happy Rednesday.

Rose said...

you certaintly can't say where's the tub. rose

Anonymous said...

I love your home, so much history to it. I go with Linda on the black, white and red theme. I'd drape some pretty towel assortments over the edge too. It's a terrific piece that I would not get rid of. I picked up a quote over at Kim's Dear Daisy Cottage who believes that anything you love in your home should be what you decorate with--not just trends. The quote is, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." --William Morris I think the tub is both.

Thanks for stopping by and for the birthday wishes. =D

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

LOVE! your tub!
I am embracing my red, as well. I painted my bathroom cranberry red and have loved it every day since!

Julie Marie said...

Hi Sherrie... wow, your house is beautiful! I love red and your bathtub is wonderful... my kitchen is red, yellow and black... how fun you have little critters visit you too!... xoxo Julie Marie

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

You are embracing that red fantastically! Love what you've done!

Sherry said...

Your home is just beautiful. Wow, that tub is sure red, what a confersation piece! Thanks for sharing.