Monday, February 15, 2010

One World One Heart Winner

What an amazing ride this has been. My magic carpet took me places that I have only read about. I met some really nice and amazingly talented people along the way. I want to thank Lisa Swifka @ A Whimsical Bohemian for putting this event together, because it wasn't just a blog party, it was a true global undertaking event.

I also want to thank the 266 lovely heartfelt comments that I received on my post. Each and every one was appreciated, especially when you took the time to share a little bit about yourselves, where you lived, your favorite food, etc. By the way, I'm still going with Lobster as my favorite. I'm just waiting for my arms to rest after all that carpet flying I did, and then there are a ton of sites that I plan on going back to revisit in a more leisurely fashion. I can't wait.

This was my first One World One Heart event and if Lisa has the courage to orchestrate it again next year, then I will be right alongside her.

And now I would like to congratulate Lyndy Ward @ todaysgold for being the winner of my vintage theme giveaway. She was lucky number 212. Thank you to all who participated. It was one heck of a ride.

Time to wrap up everything and put in the mail to Lyndy.


Donna said...

Hi Sherrie, thanks for the kind words and visiting my blog. It is so fun to visit with everyone on their site. Check back soon!

LYNDY WARD said...

Whoo Hoo!!! I love everything Sherrie. Vintage is my all time favorite. VERY PRETTY.

Everything is so me... I love the 50s & Coro is one of my very favorite Costume Jewelers. WOWY WOW...

I have added a photo of your wonderful gifts to my Blog with a back link to you.

Thank You Sherrie with all my heart. It was so nice to meet you & I hope you'll stay in touch too. I'm Following you & I hope you'll Follow me to.

XOXOs With Cosmic Blessings ~
Lyndy Ward

P.S. I will be emailing you my address next...

Ann Tatum said...

Hey, Sherrie! You are the winner of the OWOH giveaway on my blog. I had to go out of town last week... my mom was very sick & passed away Wednesday. I'll be coming back home tomorrow and will get these out to you soon. Please email me your mailing address. My email: Thanks for playing!

Sandy said...

Hi, I'm fairly new to blogging and stumbled on your really nice blog... love the post on Vintage Silver and wanted to Congratulate you on your win....

Gina said...

Hi Sherrie, I visited everyone in OWOH earlier and this is my 2nd visit, more leisurely and in more depth! I have put your link on another blog of mine,
because I love thrifting too. It's such a challenge and so much fun to make what someone else has discarded into a treasure or find that something I've been looking all over for! Nice to meet you!
:-) Gina

LYNDY WARD said...

Hi Sherrie, your beautiful gifts arrived. Everyone is so special to me. The handmade lingerie pouch, floral handkerchiefs, crocheted rose barrette & Coro pink bracelet are absolutely lovely. Thank you for your sweet note too.

They will be treasured for forever!

Sending Hugs & Bountiful Blessings,
Lyndy Ward