Friday, February 26, 2010

Junking Intervention -- Who, Me? I'm saving the world.

Hello, my name is Sherrie. It has been 2 days since I shopped at Goodwill or had a thrift-find-fix. I have a problem.

Apparently, from the fun responses I received from my last post, I am not the only duck needing a Junking Intervention. I am in good company!

Fabulous Find For Free Club

You all admitted to hoarding fabric, pretty bottles, cookbooks, dishes, and scraps of ribbon and paper.

All are in agreement that Thriftiques , as Sissie over at Sissie's Shabby Cottage calls them, beat out fancy & pricey mall boutiques any day.

Even better are the lawn sales.

Yvonne Quarles at Ink Spillers Attic, reminded me that we are doing our part for the 3 R's. I mean what better way to Recycle than a lawnsale? Who knew us little duckies were so good for the environment.

And not only are we saving items from landfills, we are a vital force in saving the economy. Mimi at In the Middle of Nowhere pointed out that with her purchases, it was her duty to keep the economy going. Almost patriotic, don't you think?

Who knew the power of one little Junking Duckie ........ Just how important we were, crucial even, to saving both the environment and the economy. It is a heavy burden that we shoulder, but I know you can do it. So fellow ducks, and you know who you are, lets unite and save the world, turning one ugly blue chest of drawers found curbside into a thing of shabby chic white beauty, one drawer at a time. Quack! Quack!



Fun post! Treasure hunting is such fun! ~ Angela

Judi said...

Great post! You made me realize just how important it is for me to go thrifting this weekend! Doin' my part LOL! Judi

Mimi said...

Great post, Sherrie! I need to head out to the local ARC and see if they have anything that needs to come home with me...

Linda said...

I must follow the Ducks to thrift shops! Love this post! It is our duty to reuse and recycle! I promise to do my part!!!

sissie said...

Here, Here! or, ah, I mean, "quack, quack!"
I know I am a "duck," that's for sure. And now that you have mentioned me on your blog, I am a "special duck," which makes me ready to go out and save the world, one thriftique at a time.

Your post is great, I love it. Good to know we are doing such wonderful things to green up the world.


Laurie said...

I am making my way back around to visit my new friends from OWOH! I'm happy to count you among them -- especially when I read how alike we are with our thrifting obsession! Just the title of your blog said it all, really! From your post below, my idea of a PERFECT day is going to all the thrift stores in a 25 mile radius. My friends don't understand. But, ever since that "Hoarders" show came of TV, I've been a little nervous!

I'm following you now!

Anonymous said...

Hi my new friend, Sherrie! I happened upon your blog when I was blog-hopping way into the early morning hours. I had been checking out some of the entries at a blog carnival @ There I clicked on an entry by another Goodwill lover ( It was in reading her comments that I found YOU!
...or else, it was just fate.
By the way, are you familiar with a widget called Sitemeter? It's easy, free, and it allows you to see how people arrive at your blog, among other things. Let me know if you want me to tell you more.
Have a happy day... Michelle

Tiffaney said...

Hey Sherrie! Can you believe that I still haven't broken my new year's resolution? It has been 2 months now and I haven't been to Goodwill!! They probably think I moved or fell off the face of the earth and I'm sure their sales profits are down, lol!! I hear it calling me some days, but I'm holding strong.

see you there! said...

This post really made me laugh. I just posted about a dress that I discovered at a thrift shop on Monday. Made my day!