Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little srping time decoration.

I love to decorate. Even as a little girl, as my mother will attest to, I had to decorate my room for every holiday. These would be decorations that I bought with my allowance money or made myself. It was not important if some of these decorations never got seen by others outside the family, they were primarily meant for me and my personal enjoyment. Besides, by age 10 and up, my girlfriends would be more interested in what posters I had on my bedroom walls, David Cassidy, Jack Wild and David Soul, than a basket of eggs, heart wreath or Christmas Tree. But I enjoyed it.

Decorating my dorm room was no different, but there I had a bigger audience to showcase my talents. My roommates would just roll their eyes and let me play Martha Stewart. Even as broke newlyweds, with our meager hand-me down furniture and tight space, I would always find a table or bookcase that would hold my holiday vignettes. As we got established, with work, house, family and life in general, I really got to decorate. Of course you can have a Christmas Tree in the bathroom (doesn't everyone?) and cupids and hearts on the bedroom fireplace mantle (that seemed a fitting choice for the room). So now that we have had Christmas, New Year's, Valentines Day (sorry didn't do anything for President's Day --- that would be too much even for me) we now have St. Patrick's Day.

I wanted to pull something together for the dining room mantle, my primary place to decorate for just the minor holidays. I already had a bunch of green materials that I had just used on my Christmas Peacock Tree (please see my December post for photos) along with some nests and eggs that I found awhile ago at Goodwill. I planned on putting together more of a spring theme design as my base, with a green emphasis for now, that would be all Easter after March 17th. So this is what I created.

I only bought two items to add to what was already collected. I found some decorative excelsior at Michael's for .49 cents. I used just one bag of this as my base and also a filler for this nest.

I cut up a spay of silk white with a tinge of green tulips that I pulled out of a box destined for Goodwill. I never liked them for a flower arrangement, but used as singular blooms looks better and has greater impact as well as bringing in a touch of Spring. By the way, yes I donate as much to Goodwill as I buy and bring back home!

On either end of the mantle, I placed small nests again to set the spring theme. This nest sits upon a spring yellow pedestal (a Goodwill find as is the basket with eggs and moss).

Addendum to this post: I decided to remove the pedestal and put the nest and basket flat on the mantle.

The second item purchased were these little leprechaun hat picks (6 for $1.00 at the Christmas Tree Shop). Notice the green grapes and artichokes from my Christmas Peacock Tree.

Unfortunately, the photos do not do justice to the decorations. It is not a sunny day today and the flash was needed. But like me, in all things, please use your imagination and think spring.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Everything looks beautiful Sherrie! I love the little birdnest and eggs... xoxo Julie Marie

Linda said...

I like how you have reused items from Christmas! Very nice mantle decorations...Spring is a comin!


Such a fun post. Adore the story of using your childhood allowances for decorations ~ too cute! ~ Angela

quiltmom said...

Very fun - I used to decorate more than I do these days. I do try and change the buffet in our dining room with a Christmas village followed by a spring set of bunnies, a summer set of houses followed by fall and Halloween decor- Once upon a time I used to change it more often but not so much anymore.
I like your flowers and the nests- very fun and it makes one think that spring will arrive- hopefully in not too long a time. We have had a pretty nice winter here in Alberta - fairly mild so far so we have been lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherri,
Your mantle looks absolutely lovely. I love the birds nests. I have a couple of tiny hummingbird nests that fell out of a tree and I love them. I think it is so sweet that your allowance use to go for decorations. I was always like that as a kid as well. And everything had to be in its place. My friends would come over and move something and I would have to move it back immediately. It drove me crazy! Beautiful post!

~Tonja~ said...

Oh Sherri your mantel is adorable...I just love it when something can be used in different ways...
I have always been the type of person that has said that you should be able to come up with a couple of different ways to use an have done it very well....I love going to the goodwill but my favorite place to go is the church community center mostly everything in there they sell for a quarter...oh I have gotten some really good stuff....need to take some pics and post about them...
Thanks for stopping by my place..Have a Blessed day...
Sweet Blessings...

LBP said...

Hooray! Spring is in the air! (Even though the ground is still snow covered). Your manel is so refreshing! I love spring!

BTW-I always decorated my room too!



LYNDY WARD said...

Hi Sherrie, I had to see your Christmas Peacock tree after I saw your pretty St. Patty's Day mantel (sweet bird nests). All your Christmas trees are amazing & yes you should keep the pretty Peacock tree. You must have a big attic for storage.

I love St. Patrick's Day, especially since it's my birthday.

As a little girl, I also spent my allowance on holiday decorations for my bedroom. AND with a little added glitter it felt magical.

Have a wonderful week,
Lyndy Ward