Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A bit of this and that for Rednesday

Today is Wednesday is Rednesday with Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World. Please join Sue and the other folks for this always cheery and colorful event.

So as you may know, my house is soon to be on the market. A price has been set, repairs have been made and oh my, the cleaning, de-cluttering, tons of bags to Goodwill and boxes of anything that could be considered recyclable items have gone to the curb. My broker has dared to utter the word (gasp) HOARDER. He doesn't understand why I have so many cans of paint (oops paint),most half empty (or half full as I like to view them). He also wonders why I have boxes of lamp parts. And how many wooden chairs that need to be stripped, sanded and painted, can one gal own? Don't worry, I have been patiently educating him on the art of re-purposing.

But there was one thing I couldn't explain.......... As we toured my home, and reached the second floor bathroom, there it was in all its Red glory.

With oh-so-stylish gold feet.........

There it was in all its beauty, my red claw foot bathtub. When I bought the house, the bathtub was there and it was red along with a red toilet and matching red sink. Did I mention the wall of mirror tiles that was behind the bathtub? Thankfully, the mirrors are gone as are the toilet and sink. But what do you do with a heavy, Really, Really, HEAVY bathtub? You embrace the red and hope that the next owner has a sense of humor.

Last week was one of my favorite sales, the Methodist Church Spring Rummage Sale. There were a lot of nice new things for sale and of course the plants being sold were plentiful. I did find a few fun pieces, like these aprons. I can never say no to an apron, much less red ones.

This year was a bit different than past years. I was more than a customer, I donated about 30 boxes of items that normally would have been on my own lawnsale. Oh I will still be having a lawnsale when my house sells, but anything that would have sold for $10.00 and under went to the church. I am not even a member but years of me being a loyal customer at their fall and springs sales have endeared me to the ladies that run the sale.

I have posted about some of my treasures that I have gotten at these sales. I might buy something for $1.00 to resell for $10 but when I see something that is vastly underpriced, I can not with good conscience take advantage of the church. It is a CHURCH!!!

So when I saw these Austrian Crystal necklaces, I knew I had to speak up. Normally, the necklaces sell for $1.00. the ladies knew that they would be worth more, but were thinking about $10.00. They were worried that the rummage sale buyers might balk at such a high price. Needless to say, I asked the ladies if I could take the necklaces and post them on ebay with the sale proceeds all going to the church. They will be listed starting at $35 apiece. It was the right thing.

SHOP UPDATE: 2nd fl Thriftiques is moving! Come July, the shop will be relocating to a ground floor actual retail space, with plenty of parking. The space is easily 6 times as large as where I currently am. I will still be in Gorham and I will be posting more later on. I am so excited. Think of all the furniture I can now sell and oh my, all the lovely vignettes I can create.

July will be the shop's one year anniversary and I can think of nothing more fitting. New location and expanded treasures. It will be one heck of an open house! Don't worry, you all get an invitation.

Got it at Goodwill



Marigene said...
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Marigene said...

Wow, that tub is RED...the new owners will love it.
How exciting that your little boutique will be moving to the first will have more traffic, I am sure.

May 4, 2011 10:46 AM

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I know you are excited about selling your home. Hoarder? I don't think so, I'm not one and so I'm SURE you aren't one either! Love the red tub and the aprons. I think moving the shop to a larger space is going to be so much fun! hugs, Linda

~~Carol~~ said...

Doesn't your broker understand that there's a creative person living there, not a hoarder?! Congrats on the shop moving to a bigger space. I heard recently that because of the economy, second hand furniture is a BIG deal right now. I think you're going to be a huge success!
Happy REDnesday,

Ann said...

What a fantastic tub--that would probably be a big buying plus for me. Happy Rednesday

Oakland Daily Photo said...

With all the changes in your life it sounds like you are more than up to the challenges. Your excitement is palpable.

SueLovesCherries said...

Sherrie, I'm so happy that you're getting a larger, and first-floor space! That will bring in more business, I'm sure. Do you get a lot of the college crowd?

Courtney said...

We just signed the P&S on our house this week, so I'm staring to plan the de-clutter in my head. I feel hoarder like at the moment. Good luck with listing your house! I love the red tub!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

An elegant bathtub!


“To live without red is a sin!”
She said, with a rubicund grin.
“A world without red?
I’d rather be dead!
No crimson? It shivers my skin!”

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Red Art in Mexico

Tiff said...

WHERE!??? I'm so excited for you! Are you going to change the name of the shop though?

I actually thought the red tub seemed very you ;) ok, maybe a pink tub would be more you.

Sea Witch said...

Love your blog. Just found you from a friends blog...such a wonderful way to visit new places and meet new friends. You had me at a conversation at good will as your blog title. I haunt our local 'wills an have found great treasure to resell and have brought treasure for them to sell. Sea Witch

Rescued Goods said...

We went to the church sale too, but I had kids with me so spent more time looking for books and toys rather than treasures I love. Can't wait to hear more about your new location!! Keep us updated! Good for you for being so positive!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Who knows, someone might just buy your house because of that tub!

I sold my house last year and never want to sell another but they bought the house because of the kitchen, which I did NOT love!!

I love your shop sign. It looks fun and friendly. ♥

Sea Witch said...

Ignore the realtor, you are not a hoarder. LOL. Crazy about that red bathtub...can it be more floozie or cowboy whore? Can't wait to see what you do with your new place. Sea Witch

Sandy said...

Reltors....what do they know? I would buy the house BECAUSE of the red tub! Love it!!!!!! :) Sandy

Diann said...

Hey Sherrie! I noticed that it has been awhile since you posted. just kinda checking in to make sure all is well in your neck of the woods.