Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday is Rednesday and a Giveaway Winner

Oh my goodness, oh what a day, oh what a week. You can certainly tell that the holidays are fast approaching. Things have been so hectic, I was worried that I wouldn't have anything to show for today for Wednesday is Rednesday with Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World . I always have so much fun at her party. Then I came across this cheery red advertisement, actually a perfect product for my stressed out day.

Tussy Deoderant

This ad is from a 1950's magazine. Now it is one thing to have a Guardian Angel on your shoulder.......
But quite another to have an angel under your arms!!!! Oh well. Thought I would share.

Finally a Winner!!

I have a winner for my one year Blogaversary Giveaway. Congratulations to VintageBettys, a mother and daughter blog. How sweet! Mom, Laura and daughter, Michele love to craft, sew, garden, cook, bake, th
rift, and of course, all things VINTAGE. I would love to meet these women in person. Seems we have a lot in common.

So ladies, be sure to send me your address and this Goodwill bag will be full of goodies and on its way to you. Thank you again for everyone who participated in this giveaway. I have been working on stopping by and saying a Howdy and thank you to each person that left such great comments.

Here are a few favorite thrift finds that people shared with me ........

Junque Magnet found Vintage Cross Country Skis
Leah @ My Fancy found a Vintage 50's duvet/blanket cover
Linda @ A La Carte one of her favorite finds of so many, 4 Pyrex Snowflake Casseroles
Gail @ Faithfulness Farm Red embroidery Floss, lots of it.
Mica @ The Child's Paper Most everything she owns are thrifted treasures
Anne @ His Eye is on the Sparrow Found a Howdy Doody Doll for $.50 cents and sold it for $36.
Angela @ I'm like a Little Bird favorite is a Shawnee Owl Cookie Jar
Carol @ Old Glory Cottage Her stuff is amazing, a current favorite is a vintage Halloween planter
Melinda @ Alabaster Rose Designs A hand-painted Tole Tray
My friend Tiffany @ The Folded Gingham is on a first name basis at our local Goodwill

I will share more tomorrow. Again thank you all for your support. Congratulations to Laura and Michelle. And please don't forget to visit Sue for Wednesday is Rednesday.

Got it at Goodwill


Linda @ A La Carte said...

That ad is cracking me up! I must admit I really like it! Congrats to the winner! The Holidays are here and rushing by! I'm trying to grab a few moments here and there to really enjoy the season.

LV said...

We can find our guardian angel in most places if we would just look for her. Best wishes to the winner. Nice post.

~~Carol~~ said...

Would that be an Armpit Angel? I remember seeing Tussy deodorant when I was a kid, and incredibly I think that they still make it.
Congrats to Laura and Michele! I love their blog, and I know they're going to enjoy all the goodies that you'll be sending them!
Happy REDnesday!

daylily777 said...

Very funny add! Congrats to VintageBettys !


Somedays I think I need a little angel under my "arms" :)
Congrat's to the winner.
Thanks for having a giveaway.
Deb :)

VintageBettys said...

Thank you! We are so excited! We are glad to have found blogworld,and to be able to meet people with the same interest. We really enjoy your blog. We also stopped by to visit Sue for Wednesday is Rednesday, Thank you for the invite.
Laura and Michele

Diann said...

What a fun ad! And congrats to the gals at VintageBetty's!

Rustique Gal said...

Gee, I sort of remember this deodorant, but not the armpit angel! What fun the vintage ads are!
Congrats to the winners!

Laura said...
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