Monday, November 22, 2010

I love being a (hoarder) collector. Everyday it seems, provides an opportunity to uncover a new treasure and to learn something. Although the treasures change, there is a pattern that always seems to develop, whenever I find a new treasure. Having found an item that I do not already own, I find several more of these items, all within a short span of time. How does this happen? Does it happen to you? (Remember all the mushroom canisters I kept finding?) I go from none to a full blown collection.

For example: I found this charming little vase, I believe aluminum, at Goodwill last Wednesday for $2.99. Although it reminds me of my American pottery in design and shape, I have not seen anything like this made in metal.

On Saturday, just a few short days later, a woman came into the shop with a box full of items she wanted to sell. There amidst a dozen or so vegetable shaped porcelain pieces, salt n' pepper shakers and butter dishes, was this little gem, another aluminum vase!

Two in just one week. How cool is that. So, my next question is, does anyone have some information about these fun little vases? I know my friend Linda @ A La Carte might be able to help. Honestly she is a veritable fountain of information when it comes to referencing makers of dishes. Now that I have these two vases, does that mean a new collection is starting? Will I find more? Ah, the thrill of the hunt. I look forward to any information you might be able to provide. Thank you.

Got it at Goodwill


~~Carol~~ said...

That's crazy how much those look like McCoy vases! Sorry, I don't know anything about them, but they sure are neat. Yes, that kind of thing happens to me. Last year I was complaining how I couldn't find or afford any of those vintage bluebirds, and this past summer I found 7 of them! I'd even think about something that I really wanted to find, but have never seen at a garage sale, and there it would be that same day. I don't know how this stuff happens, but I sure love when it does!

luluslovlies said...

They are great and do look like the mc Coy vases, I know nothing about them nor have ever seen them before but they look very fun to have, keep up the hunt. Happy Thanksgiving Marilou

Stella said...

The hunt is always the best part of the find isn't it? The vases are so cute and I haven't seen any like and I do a lot of junking.


I have heard that some of the pottery companies did make goods in metal...maybe you have some of those pieces.
Deb :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Those are amazing vases! Thanks for thinking I have so much knowledge, but I must say I have never seen anything like these. Now I'm curious! I agree that you can find a 'one' of something and then the karma keeps bringing you more...weird but I love it. Now let's see what I can find out about these amazing vases!


bigeyedchick said...

I believe your flower pots are made from what is called pot metal, but other than that, I can't give you any info. They are a neat find!! I love thrift stores!

Laurel :)

Ann said...

Hi Sherrie,
I wonder if they are molds or prototypes for the pottery companies, as I have certainly seen the vase in pottery form before. I'd certainly be curious to know the answer. I believe you may have stumbled across something....
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
The Tattered Tassel