Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage Fungi

You know how I love orange............even better when it is orange mushrooms!! You may recall my love affair with mushrooms when I showed these beauties (Please click here) and again (click here). But just when you thought I couldn't possibly find any more VINTAGE ORANGE MUSHROOMS, I did. You know I could. I thought the folks over at Vintage Thingie Thursdays would enjoy my colored little fungi, so I am joining Suzanne @Coloradolady for her party. (Please click here for the party or see the button on my sidebar).Hope you all enjoy.

First I wanted to show this poster of the three ladies and a lawnsale. I found it years ago at the Christmas Tree Shop of all places. I was with my best friend and we were rolling in the aisles. Between her laughing and crying, she kept blurting out "That is so you". It was decided that since I was the only Blonde in our group, I would be the Blonde one in the poster. The poster isn't vintage, but everything pictured at the lawn sale is, right down to the paper tablecloth.

I think I may have had something similar for one of my birthday parties in the 70's. Nothing says "Let's Party" than orange mushrooms.

This summer I found at a lawnsale, some rubber, yes rubber, not plastic, mushrooms. I have no idea what they were used for originally. I am using them as part of my "Orange Daze" display at my shop. You can see the mushrooms peeking out of the green basket.

Here is a close-up.

How about an orange mushroom tile....... You can see in the background, my previously shown mushroom pot.

That was a sauce pan, I needed a fry pan to complete the look. I found this harvest gold with orange mushrooms beauty. Doesn't it make you want to get right in the kitchen to start cooking. Surely, everything must taste better when you have such a cute pan.........

Lawnsale find $.50 cents

No home can be complete without an embroidered wall hanging with yarn. I remember doing several of these types of kits as a kid. I still have a clown one that took me forever to complete. I may need to pull it out to post. Hey there is an idea. I think next Vintage Thingie Thursday it will be vintage (scary, oh so scary) clowns. Until then, please be sure to join Suzanne today and all the
other Vintage Thingie Thursday folks for a little fun.

Lawnsale find $.25 cents

Got it at Goodwill


Coloradolady said...

I love this grandma had that mushroom pattern that is on your skillet in her kitchen and this reminds me of her so much. Truthfully, I do believe she had those rubber mushrooms too, but for the life of me, I can not remember what she did with them, seems like she had them in a pot of ivy.....great memories!

Have a great VTT!

Maureen said...

You don't see mushrooms decor anymore - they are so very 70's! Love the poster.

GardenOfDaisies said...

OH my gosh, I see vintage mushroom things all the time in the vintage shops! You would love it all!! I saw cannisters jus the other day!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

I love ALL these mushroom pieces. I vividly remember all these items. Love it! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Postcardy said...

I'm glad you love orange mushrooms. Personally, I'd rather forget them, but they do look like a fun thing to collect.

Jeanne said...

Hi Sherrie, I so remember the mushroom era. I am happy you found a new/old mushroom treasure for your collection. It is a very cute thing to collect.
Hugs, Jeanne

Angela said...

Don't tell anyone, but I remember having some of those rubbery mushrooms...gorgeous aren't they? I'm not quite ready to do them again, but I said that about owls I'm thinking they are kind of cute!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Sherrie,
I remember the mushroom craze too, it was right there with the avocada
green and harvest gold appliances! LOL!
I love your vingette you did for your shop. Shoppers love vintage kitchen, so it won't last long.

The photo of the little old ladies is hilarious! Love it.


Chrissie said...

Cute! Mushrooms will be coming around soon~Lead the Way!

Anonymous said...

Such great pieces, I love, love that fry pan, its great. I don't know that it makes me want to cook, but that's a different story :) Love your yarn art, the craft here was hooking rugs. Still have one of those, I should dig that out for a post one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Hi my sweet friend,
That photo is hilarious!! It reminds me of my grandmother and her bee-hive hair doo. She still wears her bee-hive proudly and she's in her 70's!! I grew up with orange mushrooms everywhere! My mother had a love for them as well! Your shop display is just wonderful, I hope things are going good for you and your shop! I was so glad to hear from you after I had been away for so long. Thank you for the warm welcome back!!
Talk to you soon.
Have a great day.

Diann said...

OMG! I LOVE that poster!!! I just cracked up when I saw it!! I want to do a yard sale and dress up like that! LOL

Love all the groovy mushroom items. So fun and retro!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am always drawn to the Mushrooms as they are so 70's!! Great collection you have. The colors are great for Fall!

Lynn said...

Great poster, I'm sure it makes you smile!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Happy Pink Saturday my friend. I'll come back later to see your post!


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