Friday, September 10, 2010

Pink Saturday & Remembereance of 9/11

Thank you Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound for hosting Pink Saturday today (click here), not as a party but a celebration of life; for giving us a reason to put on our pretty pink lipstick and smile, and say howdy to our fellow bloggers; ones that have become more than just a name on a post, they are true friends that we haven't yet met. For this day of remembrance of our how lives were irrevocably changed nine years ago, we need to think of rosy thoughts and not dwell on the overwhelming sadness of that day, or if not, we shall certainly be consumed by despair. As we honor the lives that were lost that fateful day, we must also cherish each new life that has since begun, as they bring hope for a better tomorrow.

(A little vintage pink and blue planters, perfect for the nursery).

Look at these rosy pink cheeks and innocent eyes that look upon the world with wonder and awe. Let us teach our little ones to share their toys with others, not to call each other bad names, and to all play nice with playmates. If we all did that now as adults, the world would be a very happy playground.

(Vintage pink gloves)

But for today, September 11th, please join hands in silent prayer, to remember those whose lives were lost that day and the lives that have since been lost. Place your hand over your heart and with pride, recite the Pledge of Allegiance. With a hand raised, salute the military personnel and all other security forces that keep us safe at a great cost to themselves and their families.

At first Portland, Maine seemed so far removed from what was happening in New York City nine years ago today. Then we learned that two of the hijackers actually stayed in a hotel in South Portland, only a few miles from my home. They flew out of the Portland Jetport and I could have seen their plane fly overhead. Suddenly the world seemed a smaller place.

(Pink frosted glass from the fifties and a small pink vase marked with the outline of the Empire State Building and the words Worlds Fair 1940).

We will never forget what took place that day at the Pentagon in Washington D.C, a field in Pennsylvania, or at the Twin Towers in New York City. Nor should we. Like all horrific events in history, it must be remembered and respected, to not be repeated. But we must also look to the promise of a better future, and so I raise a glass in a toast to this day's rosy sunrise, to a new day, and to a new beginning.

Thank you to Beverly and all the other folks participating today for Pink Saturday. Life goes on, one pink baby step at a time.

Got it at Goodwill


Jacalyn @ said...

You are so right... we will always remember the tragedy and senseless loss of life! But we also shall remember the heroes that emerged!

Happy PS,

Diann said...

We will always remember. the Hubs and I were in the area of everything happening.

Very sweet pinks you have for us today!

I hope you have a wonderful wekeend!

Linda M. said...

Hello Sherrie,

Happy Pink Saturday! You and I are two of the newest members of PS. Thanks for sharing you pink treasures.

Anonymous said...

welcome to pink saturday. what a beautiful tribute to 9-11. those gloves are precious! marcia

Linda @ A La Carte said...

This was a beautiful remembrance and a hope for the future!

Ann said...

You did a splendid job of relating what happended that horrible day. I will join you in the Pledge of Allegience.

~~Carol~~ said...

This day is now called Patriot Day, so I choose to celebrate my love of my country today! You're right that it shouldn't be all about sadness, but a celebration of life, and those baby planters are just perfect for that! They are adorable!
Happy Pink Saturday!

luluslovlies said...

Thank you for your post this Pink Saturday and Have a Pink and Peaceful one. Your pink glass is lovely, raise to more Pink tomorrows. Pinky Thoughts and Hugs!

Veronica said...

Very nicely done...

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Thank you for your very wise and thoughtful post on 9/ll. It was wonderful to see your Liberty glassware and sweet pinks for Pink Saturday...Sue

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post and the pink gloves!
Thank you Happy Pink Saturday

DogsMom said...

A beautiful tribute and good day to remember we are all one country. Let tragedy unite us and draw us closer.
Keep those whose lives were sacrificed in your prayers and memories. Take time to do something good for a stranger and thank a rescue worker.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

What a great post, Sherrie - well said. We have to have hope. Thank God, we do.
Your items are lovely.
I love what you said about celebrating life and putting on our pretty pink lipstick and saying 'hi' to our fellow bloggers.
Hugz to you,

Sonia said...

Oooh I just love all your vintage pinkies!!! I see you get alot of things at Goodwill...I would love to visit one up North...probably alot of great things there too! I'm in the Midwest. Thanks for your sweet comments and I've been peeking at your other that "sad little cow" you bought. I like to "rescue" things too!

Have a great Sunday!

Miss Bloomers

Jeanne said...

Hi Sherrie, Your post today about 911 in relation to where you live is terrific. I agree, the world is so small when you think about it. I say the pledge and mean it from the depth of my heart.

Love your vintage finds and GW is my favorite place to shop.They know my name!!! Smile.
Hugs, Jeanne

Sarah said...

What a beautiful post...thank you!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!


Annesphamily said...

I am new following you! I am glad I am going to get to join you and know you better. Your blog is wonderful and your 9-11 post is very well written. It is amazing how small the world really is when tragedy of this caliber strikes us. Thank you so much for sharing so beautifully your thoughts today. I hope you will join me soon. Anne

Jillian said...

Wowie, I like your Goodwill. Thanks for stopping by to visit... I can't believe you found that many LuRay pieces at GW!!!!! I have only found two. But maybe I need to frequent there more often.


Have a great night!

Bella Rosa Antiques
PS. I used vintage nursery items very similar to the ones you show in your photo.... in my Dear Bebe's room. We still use them for barettes and things!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Sherrie, This was such a thoughtful and sweet 9/11 - Pink Saturday post. You put a lot of time into it and it shows. Thank you ~ xo Lynn