Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Something a Little Red

Wednesday is Rednesday. Today I am joining Sue at It's a Very Cherry World for this colorful little party. (Please click on the above link or the party button on my sidebar to visit Sue.) I do love to decorate with red and as you have seen (click here), I use it alot in my kitchen. For the party, I wanted to show you a few fun items as well as show off something I made. I hope you like them.

I love my wooden handled kitchen utensils in red (and green). I just picked up this apple corer and chopper to add to my collection. (For more of my collection, please click here.)

I hope that someone can help me with the purpose of these little metal trays. I have a few stacks of them in different colors and designs. They are too small to be used for a plate or platter. I have been told that banks used to hand them out as premiums to hold your loose change on a dresser or nightstand. Any help in answering this mystery would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I love this framed piece of sheet music. "She Was Happy Till She Met You". I would love to know how the lyrics go. I think the photo on the cover says it all!

My shop's sign reads "Vintage Finds and Repurposed Treasures". Obviously all the fun vintage pieces I find and clean up address the Vintage Finds. It is my Repurposed Treasures that I have to explain. Here is an example: My Teapot Pincushion. I found this lovely little children's toy teapot with missing lid, destined to be tossed. The graphics were so sweet that I knew I had to save it.

I first glued it to a red polka dot plate (sorry the flash makes it look like there is a big white spot on the plate). Then I covered a pincushion with complimentary fabric and added vintage pom pom trim and vintage button. Next that was glued onto the top of the Teapot.

The plate at the base holds extra pins and needles. I love how this came out, if I say so myself and am now looking for other lost pieces of dishware to convert to pincushions. (Think Christmas Gifts)

As always, thank you for letting me share my treasures. Please be sure to stop on over and say Hi to Sue at It's a Very Cherry World to to see all the other fun pops of red color. Have a great day.

Got it at Goodwill


GardenofDaisies said...

Your red handled utensils are so cheerful! (I collect the ones with green handles.) The trays look like they might be just the right size for a little snack while watching your favorite show.

Manang Kim said...

Those are pretty most specially the refurbished tea pot just very cute!
A Chevrolet red pick up

craftyles said...

I love all your reds today. The little teapot pin cushion is adorable. Great idea! I use those little trays for munchies when people come over. I'm not sure what they really are meant to be used for. Happy Reds!

Lily said...

The speckled utensils are wonderful :)

Julie Marie said...

Hi Sherrie, love all your red treasures... not sure, but I think your mini trays were once used as tip trays... xoxo Julie Marie

daylily777 said...

Hi Sherrie ,
I love all your wonderful reds !I did get the the moss covered rocks at a Dollar Tree Store ,too.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love your reds but my favorites are the red handled kitchen items. I have a very small collection of them.

LV said...

You truly have some great red items. I love all of them and have seen most them around. I appreciate your visit very much.

Ann said...

Hi Sherrie~As always, you have some fantastic reds! I can't help much with the small red trays but they are just adorable.
The tea pot is just the cutest thing ever!! Very creative idea. I don't think that I would have thought of that one.
Thanks for visiting today and the nice comments.
The Tattered Tassel

王辛江淑萍康 said...


Melody said...

Hi Sherrie! What great red finds. Those little trays are Canapy Trays. They were used on buffet tables when eating little appetizers. Fancier than putting it on napkins.
I love your little Dutch Girl teapot pincushion! Great Job.

SueLovesCherries said...

Now, my version for those little trays is that they were used in restaurants/bars for the waitress to serve the check and receive the tips on.

They were probably used for all three suggestions!