Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Being Thrifty

Not all thrifty things I buy are vintage. Some are just good deals real cheap! As some of you may know, I have a catering business "A Matter of Taste". I am always on the look out for good bargains on dishes, utensils, trays, napkins and anything else I can use for that business. My waitstaff is dressed in black pants/skirts and white shirts. The rest of their uniform consists of a gray apron that I have sewn.

With repeated washings, these aprons get faded fast. Still, I prefer them over the white aprons that can be bleached but also look dirtier more quickly while being worn. So I was very excited when I found black cotton aprons, with a pocket, for only $1.99 at Mardens, a retail chain store here in Maine. I could not make them myself for less than that. I bought a dozen.

Although my staff is usually comprised of only women, I occasionally will have a guy helping to serve wearing a black tie with the rest of their uniform. The other day, I was thrilled to find this tie at Goodwill.

Only a $1.99 and with little forks and knives as the design. Too cute to pass up. I can't wait for my next function to put it to use.

Today I am participating in Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays with Linda @ Coastal Charm. Please be sure to check out all the other nifty thrifty goodies at this fun party. (Please click on the above link or see the button on my sidebar. Thanks.)

Got it at Goodwill


The Paint Splash said...

That tie is just too perfect! Great finds. Debbie

Julie Marie said...

Hi Sherrie, I always shop "thrifty" too... thanks so much for visiting me and your well wishes... xoxo Julie Marie

Pam said...

Cute tie and only a true foodie would have a need for it. BTW, I love the green jadeite and things in your sidebar. I'm going to stay and look around a little.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I didn't know you catered. How cool is that! I love the aprons, $1.99 can't be beat. That TIE is to DIE for! Cute knife and fork on a servers tie. Good grief girl you scored.

Mimi said...

I only buy thrifty, anymore...I just can't bring myself to pay retail prices. Great apron find...that tie is so perfect for anyone in the food business.