Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Goodwill Store Opening

I am so excited! A new Goodwill store is opening up tomorrow! Friday March 26th, Goodwill will be opening its new flagship store and donation center. Located at 555 Maine Mall Road, South Portland, Maine. It is a newly renovated building that features a convenient donation drive-thru and 16,000 square feet dedicated to retail sales. Be still my heart. The best part is that it is only 22 minutes from my house!!

Will I find a jadeite piece, a vintage apron, a cookie jar (perhaps McCoy) or a wooden chair just waiting to be refinished? Oh the possibilities are endless, I am sure. Realistically, I will not be a customer till late tomorrow afternoon, hopefully after the initial onslaught of shoppers has passed. I suspect that goods will be continuously making it out on the floor throughout the day, right through opening weekend.

I am very spoiled by retail thrift shops, and I shall explain. I am only 25 minutes at the most from the following stores: the Goodwill on Forest Avenue, Portland, GW at Mill Creek Shopping Ctr, South Portland and now the GW at Maine Mall Road in South Portland. There is also a Salvation Army on Warren Avenue, Portland, and one at Clark's Pond, South Portland along with one at Preble Street, Portland. With the addition of 15 minutes or so to the driving time, you can visit Goodwill shops in Windham and Falmouth. I am not kidding. If my birthday falls on a weekend, armed with my Goodwill card and birthday discount, I can hit 9 Goodwill Stores on one tank of gas and never be more than 45 minutes from home.

Oh I forgot to mention my favorite Goodwill store is 725 steps from my back door. Yes I said steps, as in walking. I live in the village and am a few minutes walk from the store. Unfortunately I work late most evenings and this one closes promptly at 7:00 but I do make it at least twice a week in the evenings and of course on Saturday. (Who am I kidding, I pop in on Sunday as well to check the new discount color and sales of the week.) I am very proud of myself in showing restraint on those days when I do leave the store empty-handed. The prices are so good, that I could easily buy just for the deal and not for the love of an item. So I try to reign myself in and purchase only what I already collect and not start a new collection, definitely a herculean effort.

The dish section is my first stop (I know, no surprise there) then jewelry, then if I have time, the clothing. Last night I picked up a brand new (yup, tags still in place) periwinkle blue sweater from Talbot's, my favorite brand. I have never been in an actual Talbot's store or ordered anything from them online; however, I have a closet full of Talbot designs. I think that there is some size 8 woman in Gorham that is a Talbot's shopaholic and maybe changes her mind about her purchases but is too busy to do a return and has enough money not to worry about the return..... so she donates. Whatever her reason, I am glad that she does.

When people complain that Goodwill prices are too high, I remind them of Goodwill's slogan "Our business works, so people can." If my purchases can help support another person, then isn't it a win/win situation for both?

Here is an open invitation to all my friends, anytime you are up in southern Maine, I will give you the ultimate thrift store tour, you might want to bring a U Haul.

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Linda said...

Oh my your are a lucky girl to live that close to so many Goodwills!! I have a great time shopping, GW, Sally Army, Value Village and the other independent thrifts. Love it!!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I am about a 5 minute drive depending on traffic from the local Salvation Army store , A 15 minute drive to a Volunteer's of America Thrift Store and about a 20 minute drive to a Goodwill store. They are trying to find a place to open a Goodwill store closer to me. I hope they can!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I live in Newark, Ohio and we have two Goodwills so on Wednesdays I try to hit both of them for my senior citizen discount of 25% plus the weekly colors discounts. I agree with you we are re-purposing and helping others who need a fresh start by shopping in our local Goodwills. Now when I go into a regular mall like I did yesterday...first time in over a year...I am astounded by how much things costs in a real store. I am creating an exhibit dedicated to the women who saved my life as an artist..."Whispers and Echoes of Womens Work" opening on May 28, 2010. So I am always recycling a woman's voice from the past. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I have a small blog at

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherrie,
I am so jealous! What a great time you will have at the opening.
I can't wait to see what you find.
Have fun!!

~Tonja~ said...

Hi Sherrie...Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving your sweet comments...wanted to ask you of all the goodwill's you have around you is any of them have their stuff in bins?
We have one here in Indy that is like that it is the only one that I have seen like that everything is throwen
into big bins or on big tables and you have to dig for stuff and they sell most of it by the pound too....
we have several stores around but that is the first time I had seen on like that....all the rest of them have their stuff stack on shelves and the clothes hanging up...some people wear gloves when going through it all...really different...
Have a Blessed weekend...
Sweet Blessings...

daylily777 said...

I love the Good Will, my closest store is about 20 miles away in a nearby town. I only go about twice a month . The prices here are good , but more expensive than even other stores in other cities I have been to in my state .How wonderful to have so many so near by!

Rustique Gal said...

How interesting that there are 9 goodwills near you! I think there may be 3 or 4 near me-and I don't really remember to go to some of them. I probably need to take my GF Trisha and go goodwilling some Saturday!

Laurie said...

I'm jealous -- both of your store being 725 steps from you, and of the new one opening! How fun!!! You are my Goodwill buddy!