Monday, December 6, 2010

Mirror, mirror, in my hand.......

Remember when you were a little girl and would sit at your mother's vanity for hours, brushing and styling your long hair? I surely do. With my long hair, I would play make-believe in the mirror. When my own daughter was little, she would sit at the bathroom vanity and play, dream and imagine being a princess and more.

I have always wanted a proper and fancy brush set. I found one with a matching tray at the beginning of the summer at an estate sale for $10. And as I have previously posted, as is the way for all my collections, I kept finding brushes and combs at prices that I could not pass up.

I now have five sets, four of which are in the shop, one from Goodwill ($2.99), two from lawnsales ($1.00 and $3.00) and the most recent from a church sale ($2.00).

They are used in a Christmas vignette, staged with jewelry, ornaments, hatboxes and silver trees. What little girl wouldn't want to have a set wrapped up under her Christmas Tree?

To embellish the nostalgic holiday feeling, I used sepia toned photos and Christmas cards from an old photo album (how sad, it was a lawnsale find).

One set is missing its comb; however, the matching mirror tray is gorgeous and more than makes up for the absence of the comb.

Mirror, mirror in my hand,
who is the fairest in the land......

I hope you all love them as much as I do. Each and every one was a thrifty find, you know me. I have missed being over to Linda's (@ Coastal Charm) for her Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays, because I can never be ready on time, sorry Linda. I thought today my little mirrors would be nice to share. Please be sure to see all the other thrifty finds at her party (click here for your jump through the looking glass, just like Alice).

Got it at Goodwill


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sherrie, they are gorgeous. I love that you have found several. I have an old hand mirror only and I love it. Not silver like yours but plastic (Bakelite?). Love the display, you are so creative. Glad you made Linda's party. I need to go take some photos so I can join in...I've been missing so many parties lately.

Abramyan Avenue said...

They are beautiful Sherrie! I have always wanted a pretty set for myself and even more so to give to my daughters. Some things are just timeless and can't be replaced by more modern things. This is definitely true of brush sets! You've got a really lovely collection!

Pam said...

Those vanity sets are so pretty. I am amazed that you have found such nice ones at such great prices.