Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stepping Out in Silver

Blog Update!!!
Silver Sunday Giveaway Alert
Jill at Gypsy Brocante is adding to the fun of the Silver Sunday Blog Party with a give away. Next Sunday, someone will be the lucky recipient of one of these lovely blackboard trays. Check out her site at Good luck to all who enter. Thanks Jill.

Already the 10th of January. I suppose then it is only fitting that it is 10 degrees up here in Maine, to match the date. So time to warm up a with a little Silver Sunday glow. I thought we should do a Ladies Night Out. Okay Beth, grab your silver shoes, purses and all your bling, time to sparkle and shine!

For those that are getting a sense of me, you know that everything I have has to have a story. Whatever the piece, be it pottery, furniture or jewelry, it has to have history, whether my own or an older piece that has now included me in its provenance.

This snake bracelet was purchased at a flea market located in an old mill in Brunswick, Maine. Definitely a place to check out if you are ever visiting the State. The piece is vintage and fun and perfect for my daughter who owns a snake, a Ball Python. She actually has collected several snake themed jewelry pieces. This collectible is one of the items on our "to find" list when we scout out flea markets and vintage shops. It does make you wonder what attracted the original owners to these reptilian treasures.

The black heart necklace is a very special piece to me. It was hand-made by my father as an anniversary present for my Mom, over 50 years ago. I'm not sure what material the black heart is cut from, nor what metal is the backing. I do know that the head was carefully and painstakingly cut out from a dime. The chain is silver. I am also not sure why my Mom honored me with this necklace, I have both an older and younger sister, but I am very grateful that it is now mine. This necklace, along with the story of my dad's love for my mom, will be passed on to my daughter..... someday, but not today.

When it comes to silver telling stories, you have to have a charm bracelet. It doesn't matter if you are tom boy or
girly girl, I think it is a rite of passage for any young lady. I received mine as a birthday gift when I was 16. My daughter received hers when she turned 14. My charms include a bike, a cross, a sewing machine (representing what is important in my life) among several music themed charms that were awards from school. Elizabeth's also includes music charms representing her own school awards. (Like Mother, Like Daughter) I wished I had better pictures of the charms.

This pretty little purse was a birthday gift to my mother from one of her dear friends. She has had it for many years, and for many New Year's Eve parties, and other special gatherings. This Christmas, she gave it to my daughter. Elizabeth celebrated this New Year, being 21, with good friends, and Nana's silver purse. She is looking forward to many similar future New Year's Eves!!!

Next week I will showcase my more traditional silver pieces. Till then, please stop over and visit the other participating Silver Sunday Sistas and say Hi to Beth, May their silver glow keep you warm on a chilly January night. Thanks for stopping by.


Linda K. said...

yummy stunning pieces, that snake bracelet is very pretty. Great idea for showing off your silver!
Love it.....


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sherrie, your silver treasures are all soo beautiful! I love the heart necklace your daddy gave to your mama... and of course I always love to hear the stories behind everything that is so precious to each of us... all of my treasures have stories with them as well... I also love that your daughter is now carrying her Nana's silver purse, what a priceless gift... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

sissie said...

Hi Sherrie,
I love all the lovely silver you are showing us today. I enjoyed reading the stories that go along with each piece....that is so special.
The piece your Father gave your Mother is stunning.
Happy Silver Sunday!

Gypsy Brocante said...

Silver embellishments ... charm bracelets are my favorite! Lovely choices!!

Vintage Blue Studio said...

I love the snake bracelet. If I had found that while treasure hunting I would have brought it home.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I love all your sparkly silver trinkets and bags. Perfect for a Silver Sunday. Hope you'll visit Brynwood!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Sherrie, These are beautiful pieces for a silver Ladies Night! I love things that have a story.

Happy Silver Sunday!


Sylvia said...

You had me at charm them.
Happy Silver Sunday...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherrie,
I love your wonderful silver treasures! The silver handbags are wonderful and the charm bracelets are amazing! I hope you have a wonderful week and Happy Silver Sunday!

Sonia said...

Wow I love all the silver bling!! Such pretty jewelery and handbags! Such fun and just beautiful! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

Teresa said...

Sherrie, thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving your kind comments!

You have some fabulous silver to share today! I just love the story behind your mother's silver necklace . . . how precious! While the snake bracelet is pretty I can't say that I'd ever wear one . . . I'm terrified of snakes and one crawling up my arm isn't my idea of a good time! LOL! How sweet that your daughter received your mom's silver purse, I bet it has some stories to tell!

I love your charm bracelets! Thanks for reminding me that I have one too, which I'll share some Silver Sunday!

Thanks so much for sharing. I've really enjoyed visiting your blog today!

Happy Silver Sunday!


Piney Rose said...

i love these pieces, especially the heart necklace and the story - be sure to pass the story down...I see so many things in antique shops and I wonder how they ended up there and what their story is. Thank you for sharing!

The Lazy Peacock said...

all of your pieces are so beautiful, but that heart necklace - that is so stunning! i can't believe the head was made from a dime. i have never seen anything like it! and that your father made it, that is just too special. what a great heirloom.

Anita said...

Great pieces and love the stories attached. I am not a snake lover by any means, but that bracelet might just make me change my mind....a little bit....for silver snakes only.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

thanks for stopping by, love your silver pieces of jewerly. I especially love the music charm bracelet.

Gypsy Fish said...

Ok So where are we going all decked out in our siler? Great pieces with great stories! Thanks for playing today....see you next Sunday...
{{gypsy hugs}}

Kathy said...

Some wonderful silver pieces, Sherrie. I love silver bags and shoes! And jewelry, well of course!
Have a beautiful new week...Kathy

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

These are truly family treasures! The black heart necklace is beautiful!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful silver today!


EnchantedBella said...

Love all your silver and the wonderful stories. Thank you for sharing. Happy SS.....


Teresa said...

Me again Sherrie! Regarding the dollhouses and miniatures, were you talking about the ones on my 'Marigold Manor' blog or my 'MiniMadWoman & Friends' blog?

In any case, the dollhouses on my 'Marigold Manor' blog are all mine. There are photoshows and more albums as well with links there. Then there are the miniature blogs I have listed on my 'MiniMadWoman & Friends' blog which showcase others dollhouses and miniatures.

Hope this helps!


Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Sherrie,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. So nice to meet you!

Great silver, but I really, REALLY love the snake bracelet most. Must be my bad grrrl side coming out. ;-)

Have a great week,

Lyneen said...

What wonderful stories... reading about your silver is similar to memories I have of my mother.TFS Happy Silver Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I thought I had left a message already, but I see that I haven't. I really love your charm bracelets. Actually, I love all your silver treasures. Thank you for sharing! Rosie

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

I am an accessory hound!!! You just brought back so many wonderful memories of going through my Moms jewelry box. She actually had that same coiled snake bracelet - but in gold with green glass eyes - I wonder where it is now?? Thanks for the memories.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh My! It's also so wonderful! And you gave me inspiration for my next Silver Sunday. Have a fabulous week! xo

Into Vintage said...

Charm bracelets are so fun - I love to see the story the charms tell about the person who collected them. Your heart necklace is a beautiful heirloom. Do you wear it?

Kelly Ballard said...

Hi Sherrie,

Great silver stuff! Those sandals, handbag and snake bracelet! I'm having a Seventies Disco Roller Boogie Flashback! Help! Thanks for the memories.

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