Friday, January 22, 2010

Finding lost treasures in my sewing room.

I admit it. I had boxes of stuff, on the landing in front of my craft room, on the floor of my craft room and covering each step of the back stairs leading to my craft room. (I tend to use those stairs as storage shelf space - no one sees the stairs.) I am almost embarrassed to show the pictures. I had been so busy late summer with first organizing my lawn sale and then in early fall, directing 2 fundraising drives with non-profits I volunteer with, then participating in a craft fair in November not to mention decorating and cooking for Thanksgiving and Christmas and everything else that is associated with the holidays. Did I also mention that my lovely daughter, who is an art major in college, comes home to "shop" for supplies from my sewing room. It was too easy not to put things back where they belonged or to just grab supplies and head to the kitchen table to work. Now mind you, this is not an excuse, but real reasons why my sewing room exploded.

So when making resolutions for New Year's Eve, my first goal was to organize my space ........ and 27 hours later, yes, sadly, it took all that time to accomplish, I have a clean work surface to create upon and easy access to all my supplies. Who needed Champagne or dancing, I was uncovering all kinds of lost treasures. Now that is a good way to start off the year! By the way, you know that you are doing serious organizing when you get out the label maker and start labeling (or that you even own a label maker).

I was amazed at how much stuff I have. It is so easy to accumulate. I found things that I don't remember where I got them, or even that I had them..... several dilapidated vintage children's books that had a page here and there still intact to copy and use, pieces of tin tiles perfect for my metal angel series, and what ended up to be a full, very full, bag of feathers. Now, some of the feathers were from a Girl Scout project years ago on native American art, some of the feathers were from a costume I made for my friend as an ice princess, and others were from a peacock costume I made for myself........ the rest.......I have no idea why. Come on, I know I am not alone in this.

The best part of cleaning up my room, was that I found items that didn't belong there, like this sweet little ballerina, dog and kitten. I know I got them all from Goodwill, the blue $.99 cent tags were still showing. They are each marked Japan.

This white ceramic piece had to have been a lawn sale find. I am not familiar with the markings on this piece and would appreciate your help in identifying her origin.

This weekend I am actually going to create some Valentine Day cards because I can!! I have the supplies, the clean table, and apparently, lots and lots of feathers!! Let's see what I come up with. Isn't cleaning fun.


Julie Marie said...

Hi Sherrie... I am sooo happy you went on a treasure hunt too! I believe you have quite a precious piece there, your beautiful little porcelain lady is by Camille Naudot & Co, Paris, France, 1904~1919... how wonderful! xoxo Julie Marie

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Sherrie,
Sweet little ballerina and violin playing lady, sorry I can't help with the origins. Your new name turned out great, thank for coming by and letting me know!
Have a fabulous weekend (at Goodwill)

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

OOh, aren't you glad you unearthed pretties.
I love it when that happens.

Thank you for visiting my blog and making such a sweet comment.

I love visiting your blog and I'll be back often.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I know it is so nice to find things you forgot you had. Congrats on getting it cleaned and organized! You go girl!