Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome to my shop

My shop officially opened on July 10th. My apologies, I have been trying to post since the 11th. Between life in general and still working 40 hours at my "real job" and then all the hours at the shop, or spent getting things ready for the shop, it has been a bit hectic. I finally have gotten caught up on everything and now can go forward, that is until the holiday season. As tired and busy that I am, I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!! Thank you for your patience.

Welcome to my Shop. (Sorry Bad Hair Day, curse this humidity!) Please let me show you around.

Doorway view of the shop. I made the curtains out of scraps of fabric and trim. I wanted them to look like aprons. What can be more vintage fun than red pom poms!

I am so very happy! So very, very, very HAPPY!!! I had customers. I had paying customers. I had paying customers with lovely comments!!!! Can you tell that I am happy? Last Saturday, not even pouring rain or having to walk up a flight of stairs kept people away. Of course I expected friends and family, but was so happy to meet and greet new folks. It was a pleasure to meet fellow blogger Julie of Dog Trot Farm who knew of my open house through A Conversation at Goodwill. Several other local bloggers have commented that they will be stopping by this summer and I so look forward to meeting them all.

It was interesting to see what items sold and was surprised in some cases. My Moose leg lamp (yes a real Moose leg) sold to a college student attending the Maine Maritime Academy. She couldn't wait to take it to her dorm room. After all, nothing says Maine more than a Moose leg lamp. A 10 year old girl bought my old Royal Typewriter. She just loved the sound that the keys made. The jewelry and clothing have been huge sellers along with Pyrex and cookbooks. I never get tired of hearing my customers say "My Nana or Aunt or Mom had that same vase, dish or apron. The shop has generated some happy childhood recollections for the folks that have stopped by to visit. I already feel like a success with just those comments. It means that I am finding desirable pieces for the shop.

Having such a small space 14x15, I wanted to make use of the whole space but did not want it to look too busy or topple heavy. You know what I mean, when you go to shops that have so much stacked that you are afraid to pick something up for fear of causing an avalanche of plates, pottery and assorted glassware, all very breakable. So I created "rooms" cozy little vignettes as if you were visiting someone's home. I used old photos to identify each space. I have Mama's Kitsch'n full of Pyrex and aprons, Aunt Lu-Lu's Closet with jewelry and fashions, Road Trip featuring Vintage Souvenir pieces from Maine and around the country, and Papa's Study with old maps, photos and of course that 1930 Philco Radio I recently found at a lawn sale. In addition to these cornerstone vignettes, I have several displays that will totally change out at the start of each month.

I have created a new blog titled 2nd fl Thriftiques just for the store. It is there that I will be showing detailed photos of each of the displays and when new things hit the shop. Please click here to see detailed photos of Mama's Kitsch'n. I will next be sharing photos of Aunt Lu-Lu's Closet. Please be sure to stop by for a visit.

This is a little step stool that houses some light green pottery pieces. On top is my favorite color green egg basket. Sitting on the floor is a metal tray that I have had for years. Love the color but the center of the tray had a bit too much rust. Problem solved with a little bit of sanding, primer and chalkboard paint.

I have had this little grasshopper for years, and am ready, although still sad, to part with it. I must ask, how do you collectors/shop owners part with any treasure? That is the hard part for me.

I have a children's area. This little doll's crib needed a little TLC. I made the mattress from an old curtain and the pillow is from an old pillowcase that had seen better days.

This is my vintage wedding display. I have wedding cake toppers, beautiful hats in white and ivory along with gloves and pearls. I have it all displayed on my ashtray turned display stand that I previously showed. The whole display feels like a 3 tiered wedding cake. Come the start of August, this display will be changed out for a new collection.

This area is Nana's Pantry with crocks and jugs and blue & white dishes. Hanging on the wall above this display are 4 unused Ford 1986 wheel covers. I think they look great as artwork. The license plates are from a World War II London. They also make great artwork.

Above Nana's Pantry are shelves filled with McCoy, Haeger, Shawnee and Hull, all dark green.

This jelly cupboard houses my pastels. I especially love the aqua pieces on top.

A 1960's dress and pillbox hat.

Part of Aunt Lu-Lu's Closet.

In the center of the room, I have this fabulous table with 4 chairs. It may be sold any moment as I have 2 customers vying for it. For the moment it houses barware and glasses. I added a man's tuxedo cummerbund and tie along with ladies hat, gloves and evening bag, to set the tone for a "Night of Cocktails" for this display.

More photos to come, quickly, I promise.

I still can't believe that my dream to own a shop has become a reality. Honestly it was a lot of hard work but at the end of the day, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Thank you , Thank you, Thank You, to all of you who took the time to leave such wonderful comments in showing your support. Whether it was seeing your successful booths or shops for ideas, or just receiving your words of encouragement, you gave me the courage to try. I am grateful for your support.



Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Oh Sherrie congrats on the opening of your shop. You've done a great job and it looks fantastic!! You'll do just fine girl :)

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Sherrie!! This is fantastic!! How I wish it was close enough for me to run right over and see it!!
Are you still working full time at your"real " job? Yikes! That must be tiring if you are!
I don't have to be at my booth so that is so good for me!
Good luck and I wish you tons of success!!


~~Carol~~ said...

Oh Sherrie, you look so pretty in your red dress! And I'm so happy for you, that your opening was a success. I knew it would be! Except some of the pictures are driving me crazy! I want all of the pottery, and that birdcage....and that grasshopper! Going to check out your other blog now. Congrats!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sherrie I am so happy for you! I wish I could come and see it for myself! Looks wonderful and so happy you have had sales. Your displays are awesome so you should do fine! I agree how hard it must be to let go of some of our treasures.

Popcorn Served Daily said...

Are you kidding me? That place is a gold mine! Where is it located and how do I get there?

I love the green tray up high and all, yes all of the green pottery! Excellant!

Congratulations! How fun to be you!


sissie said...

Hi Sherrie,
Congratulations to you and I just know that your shop is going to be a hit....well, it already is a hit with the customers!
I love how you have named each room and the way you have them set up.
You have been a busy girl finding wonderful things. It is hard to part with some things and I find myself holding on to things for awhile until I can finally let go! LOL.

Thank you for your sweet comments and if I helped to inspire you to open your shop, then I am so happy.

You have done a great job. Keep us posted on what's new.


Ann said...

Sherrie~Everything looks so lovely!! I can just feel your happiness and I am happy for you, too!! Congratulations. I look forward to more visits via the internet. :)
The Tattered Tassel

Mimi said...

Sherrie, I just knew your little place would be a is really decorated so gosh darned cute. Are those black napkins with white lace in that photo of the gloves/purse on the table? I could have used them for this week's TT!
The aqua and green tray is so cool...looks like the 70's. I think one of my favorites is the grasshopper...not that I like the destructive little beasts in real life, though.

Anne aka La Vie en Rose said...

Great job Sherrie, congrats. How fun it must be. I am quite jealous.

Rose said...

what a neat shop. You will do well. your displays are eye catching. enjoy your dream. have a good day

Grannys Attic said...

Sherrie, Everything looks great and you look so pretty in that dress. I know the shop will be so rewarding to you. I would love to come and shop there. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments. Let me know if you need any old fuses for the shop, my brother is a Electrician and he has tons of them. Can't wait to see more photos. Wishing you lots of happiness. Vicky

Anonymous said...

haha~ funny! thank you for your share~............................................................

racheld said...

What a charming place!!! I wish we were close enough---I'd certainly drop in often.

We live in what we all call the Goodwill House---except for a few family antiques and the TV and computer, everything we have came from Thrift places. TOO much stuff, of course---I'm thinking of having a perpetual Giveaway on my blog, just to make room.

I've really enjoyed seeing your shop!!

janice15 said...

I have to ask do you sell here from this page. and do you ship out..I see so many things I would like to buy...I'm a new blogger @ hope your new shop is doing well it looks great from what I see. Have a great evening..thank you ..Janice.